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Fayetteville hopes more red light cameras mean fewer crashes

Posted July 28

— Five more red light cameras will go online across Fayetteville on Tuesday in an effort to reduce accidents by scaring drivers straight about running stop lights.

Fayetteville already has 10 red light cameras, including one at Bragg Boulevard and Cain Road that has resulted in about 5,000 tickets being issued to drivers since it was installed two years ago.

"Everybody, I believe, understands the seriousness that can occur from a T-bone-type accident, which is typically what it would be if we run a red light and create an accident," Fayetteville traffic engineer Lee Jernigan said. "So, it's an educational opportunity to tell folks of the seriousness of running a red light. We don't want to do it in our community."

Fayetteville was the second-worst city in North Carolina for vehicle crashes in 2011, according to state Department of Transportation data. After the first red light cameras came online, the city's ranking improved to 16th.

"I don't understand why you couldn't wait a couple of minutes for the light to turn green. It makes me upset sometimes when I see stuff like that," Benjamin Billaleande said.

"There's a light outside of where I live, and people run it all the time," Taylor Cauley said. "They're going like 40 mph, ripping through, and you have to wait at your green light to make sure no one's coming through."

American Traffic Solutions, the company that installs and maintains the cameras, has issued more than 33,600 tickets so far at $100 each. The company gets $35 of each fine, while Cumberland County Schools gets the other $65. To date, the district has received about $2.8 million from red light violations.

Jernigan said there are now fewer repeat offenders as well.

The city will start giving out warning tickets from the new cameras on Aug. 8.


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  • Brian Ceccarelli Jul 29, 10:16 a.m.
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    Red light camera programs are based on traffic engineers causing you to run red lights inadvertently. Traffic engineers violate 23 CFR 655b MUTCD 4D.26 (03) with NCGS 89C-3(6) by misapplying a physics equation to the yellow light duration with which traffic motion conflicts. Engineers literally force everyone to run red lights. For the specifics, see the web site redlightrobber.com.

  • Brian Ceccarelli Jul 29, 10:09 a.m.
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    First some practical advice to those who receive citations: Do not pay them. Paying them is voluntary. Nothing can happen to you. So do not respond to the citation. Do not respond to the penalty notices. Do not respond to the law firm Linberger. The fine is not a debt "no one lent you money" and so companies cannot collect and credit reporting agencies will not report the fine. There are no points. No vehicle registration suspension, nothng.

  • Cnc Stone Jul 29, 9:35 a.m.
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    Every thing in (pillville ) Fayetteville seems like a scam !

  • Patrick Gentry Jul 29, 9:18 a.m.
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    View quoted thread

    Well apparently it isn't the case for Fayetteville if they seen a significant enough reduction in accidents to drop from second worse in the state to 16th.

    Of course motorists aren't going to like them, no one like getting caught breaking the law, but if it saves even a single life by getting a single motorist from reconsidering a dumb decision it's worth it.

    People do dumb things behind the wheel, see it day in, day out 10 months a year behind the wheel of a school bus. People blow through those red lights too all the time endangering children because they don't have any patience.

  • Len White Jul 28, 9:24 p.m.
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    Just how effective ARE red light cameras. Here’s a study, “Tribune study: Chicago red light cameras provide few safety benefits”

    The link here is for those of you that want to do your homework::


    There’s a lot of information about this topic out there – some quite technical - but IMHO the only real thing that they do is to provide an additional income stream….