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Fayetteville father accused of beating son with extension cord

Posted March 12, 2010

— Cumberland County sheriff’s detectives have charged a Fayetteville man with beating his 8-year-old son with an extension cord.

Charles Lee Gerald, 36, of 1054 Bernadine St., surrendered to law enforcement officials Thursday night.

Gerald is accused of beating his son with a twisted drop cord after learning the child had been in trouble at school, authorities said.

Detectives said the child’s injuries were reported after school personnel noticed him limping.

Gerald has been charged with child abuse inflicting serious injury. He was released from the Cumberland County Detention Center under a $5,000 secured bond.


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  • mad_dash Mar 16, 2010

    Everyone wants to complain about all the bad kids.. but then when a dad does care (a cord was probably not the right thing to use).. but he cared enough not to tolerate the childs bad behavior, you want to talk bad? You cant have it both ways, most children respond to spankings.. that is whats wrong with kids these days! Kids NEED to have the fear of their parents!

  • issymayake Mar 12, 2010

    is there a significant difference between a belt and an electric cord? I only remember the results growing up. . . a long nap.

  • freedomrings Mar 12, 2010

    Many of you are missing the point. He did not "spank" his child, he grabbed extension cords and whipped him, he hurt him so badly he was limping the next day. If you equate this to spanking, then I pity your children.

  • holmesap Mar 12, 2010

    There are ways a father or mother can punish their child without beating them with cords or any other object other than a belt,switch or hand. Verbally punishing a child with foul language is bad as well. I see the fathers point of view in trying to make his child behave in school but he went about it the wrong way. My parents used a belt or switch or hand. If this was the child's first time then why not just try a father and son talk. This incident may have turned the child against his father from fear. My worries is if the DSS charged him are they going to do their job and protect the child or let the father return home to beat him again. This is a story that no opinion may be the right opinion. Because the father may have meant some good from this or he may be a bad father. DSS do your job and find out.

  • RomneyRyan2012 Mar 12, 2010

    I have seen mothers cuss and yell at their children and I know that's how they were treated. It's sad yet that's all they know. I did differently than my parents in regards to discipline and raised 2 college grads and one in school now. No pre-marital babies, no drugs/alcohol/smoking - just 3 good citizens. All without screaming and beatings. The child has to learn respect and who's the boss early. But it starts with the parent.

  • wildcat Mar 12, 2010

    what does your criminal record look like

    Very good and I have never had a criminal record of any sort. I probably was spoiled though. :)

  • wildcat Mar 12, 2010

    No child deserves to be BEATEN......

    You are right. Get some counseling or talk to you pastor. You should not have to carry this with you for the rest of your life. Be assured it will come back on him whether he apologize or not.

  • Garnerian Mar 12, 2010

    for those that didnt get spanked, what does your criminal record look like lol

  • wildcat Mar 12, 2010

    "switch" and "belt" people

    Hitting is still wrong. Be better than your parents.

  • wildcat Mar 12, 2010

    Maybe someone should have used the "twisted extension cord" on him exactly the way he did his some. It did not solve anything but got the father in trouble with the law and Child Protective Services. Thanks for the observing teacher. May this father now learn the correct way of discipling. Hiting and beating is not it.