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Fayetteville dad charged in death of toddler found in tub

Posted June 28, 2012

— The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office charged Evans Aine II Thursday with the death of his son.

An autopsy determined that 16-month-old Kaeden Demus died of blunt force injury. Deputies were called to the home at 2716 Edwards Ave. on June 11 where the child was found unresponsive in the bath tub. 

Aine II faces charges of second-degree murder and felony child abuse. His bond had not been set.


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  • Con Amor brings luv and laughter Jul 2, 2012

    And IF it WAS Unintentional, then I pray for mercy on the heart of the judge who will decide this mans fate. I can not imagine what the father must be going through.. IF it was UNintentional then I hope that he is released from jail.. If not then I hope that he never walks down a road without shackles again. I wish that the story gave more info... So for all who have persecuted this man based on the little facts stated right here... You're wrong!

  • Con Amor brings luv and laughter Jul 2, 2012

    Oh my!! The baby looked JUST like him!! How sad of a story to read. But I want to say that the story does not give very many details and I pray that there was no intentional harm actually done to the child.. The story gives so little to go by... I know someone, who about 25 yrs ago, was bathing her toddler, and made a mistake that she still suffers for DEEPLY to this day.. As she was bathing the toddler, the phone rang.. She left the bathroom to grab the phone. Stayed on the phone for 4-5 minutes. Went back to the bathroom, to find her child dead. This was back before cordless phones.. Was it the mothers fault? Yes it was. And she has lived through hell in her own mind for it ever since. Lives in a never ending torture chamber within her own mind. Her child also had blunt force trauma to the head(aparently she stood up in the tub, slipped, fell back, knocked uncontious,then drowned.)Maybe something similar happened here & the police chose to file charges? I HOPE it was UNintentional.

  • phattcatt28 Jun 29, 2012

    This guy is a prime example of a person who SHOULD NOT be allowed to see freedom again. This type of stuff should NEVER happen. I pray that justice is served in this case.

  • luvstoQ Jun 28, 2012

    Why, oh why do people harm an innocent child? There are so many people out there longing to adopt any child that is unwanted. If you can't deal with having a child, let a loving couple have it, but please do not harm these precious sweeties. My sis & husband would have taken this baby in a heartbeat. So, so sad - cannot fathom a person so evil and heartless.

  • LTAMOM Jun 28, 2012

    This makes me sick to my stomach! Poor baby! I will never understand how anyone could be so heartless!

  • Wendellcatlover Jun 28, 2012

    I just don't understand how an adult could harm such an innocent young baby -- look at that face. He was a real cutie! My prayers are that he died quickly and painlessly and I will continue to pray for those that love and miss Kaeden every day!

  • poohpdoo2002 Jun 28, 2012

    Poor baby. I will continue to keep the family in my prayers.

  • Scubagirl Jun 28, 2012

    don't set bond, keep in jail where he so obviously belongs.