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Fayetteville crossing guard struck; no charges filed

Posted September 7, 2011

— A Fayetteville crossing guard failed to wait for traffic to come to a complete stop before stepping into the road and was struck by a 2008 Chevy SUV Wednesday morning, according to Fayetteville police.

Betty Carter, 68, was trying to stop traffic in front of William Owen Elementary School when she stepped off the curb, into the road and was struck by the SUV, driven by Terry Garner, 64, of Laurinburg, police said.

Emergency crews took Carter to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries. The SUV received minor damage to the front fender on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Witnesses told police that Garner's SUV was traveling approximately 15 to 20 mph at the time of the crash and that Carter failed to wait for traffic to stop. No charges were filed.


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  • kermit60 Sep 8, 2011

    Get upset if you want but it was the crossing guards fault. The car was stoping but she stepped into the lane before they were completly stoped. Everyone needs to be safe around the schools. Law enforcement does a terrible job in these areas so protecting yourself is a must.

  • ncangier Sep 7, 2011

    My mom is a crossing guard in Fayetteville and has had several near misses from careless drivers. She tells me of times when she has the traffic stopped and before she can signal the kids to go or the buses to come out, some drivers race around the stopped cars (in the turning lanes) to get passed her so they don't have to wait. And Sherlock, the county does train their guards. Unfortunately you can't train an individual to be ready for every type of driver there is. Most the training ends up being on the job and you have to make judgement calls. My mom says that everyday is different, you never know what is going to happen and have to be prepared for any situation. The guards work for the sheriff's department and deserve the same respect, but they obviously don't. When the sheriff was there during the beginning of school, everyone behaved. Now the sheriff isn't there and the drivers are back to their usual. Is it the guards fault, sometimes, just not always.

  • fayncmike Sep 7, 2011

    "The solution, of course, is a set of traffic lights that are activated during school hours only.

    DOT would have to approve such a move. And I cannot recall seeing a light like that. Now they have put stoplights on Elk Road in Hope Mills at the school complex exits but they are used 24/7.

  • fayncmike Sep 7, 2011

    "fayncmike- That part of Raeford road looks that way now. That's a current map.

    I understand that. The point is that, that's what Raeford was like when the school was built.

    I was attempting to answer the foolish remark about why would they build the school on Raeford Rd. as it is now.

  • thinkin out loud Sep 7, 2011

    Sherlock, how do you know the city did not train her and she simply acted outside of that training. Cities and private businesses alike spend many hours and much money on training employees that turn around and do things against their training. Our military has some of the most well trained personnel anywhere yet we have soldiers that act outside that training on a regular basis.

    I would guess her age may have something to do with it and she probably looked beyond this vehicle and simply didn't see it till it was too late. This happens all the time with cars pulling out in front of other cars, they simply look at whats down the road and don't see whats right at them.

  • eightbal1962 Sep 7, 2011

    The private schools pay the city for the service and since we barely have enough officers on patrol now and the budget cuts I guess having officers at every crossing is not very likely. I don't know if they use off duty officers to do this or not.

  • Unslaved Sep 7, 2011

    The city police control traffic for the big money church schools in Fayetteville. When drivers approach these school zones manned by policemen, they slow their roll and dare not get stupid. Maybe city police officers should be used for public schools instead of civilians. Just a thought...

  • Sherlock Sep 7, 2011

    The driver needs to sue the city for their failure to train their employees. These individuals are helping our childern to cross this road.. this guard actions put our childern into danager. Very poor traing on the city. This could be a very big law suit.

  • beas Sep 7, 2011

    Thanks uncw05. I didn't realize that.

    However, I have seen crossing guards walk out into traffic without waiting for them to stop. I had one do that right in front of me yesterday. Maybe they need more training on how to stop traffic.

  • urewld Sep 7, 2011

    A lot of people get hit in Fayetteville because there are absolutely no crosswalks. Even at intersections there are no crosswalks for the pedestrians to cross so they have to take a chance at their own lives if they need to cross the street. Mind you this has nothing to do with the crossing guards but it has to do with all of the people that do get hit. Of course there are a few individuals out there that think a car going 50 mph can stop on a dime for them deciding to cross at the last second but most of the time it is simply there is no where safe for them to cross. I have seen 2 people get hit since I moved to Fayetteville and each time it was for that reason alone, they had no where to cross.