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Fayetteville boy dies seven years after abuse

Posted December 6, 2011

— A Fayetteville boy who was abused by his father in 2004 recently died of his injuries, police said Tuesday.

Fayetteville police spokesman Gavin MacRoberts said investigators were notified that Jeremiah Farris, 9, died at WakeMed. The boy has been hospitalized since he was abused as a toddler.

The boy's father, Harold Farris, was convicted in 2006 of felony child abuse and child abuse inflicting serious injury. He served more than two years in prison, and his parole ended in September 2009, according to state Department of Correction records.

MacRoberts said investigators are looking into Jeremiah's death, but no additional charges have been filed.


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  • wownow Dec 14, 2011

    What is wrong with the way the system in working????A person selling weed gets more time then that. This man took a childs life and is still walking. Hope he gets whats coming to him in Prison. There is a special place in there for people like him. Bubba will love him.

  • iron fist Dec 7, 2011

    He is out of jail after his crimes of abusing his son and another man will got 26 life terms for robbing banks. Justice in the US is not fair or balanced.

  • miyata Dec 7, 2011


    So sick and tired of hearing about these little children dying at the hands of the very people that are suppose to love and protect them and yet what can you do when a parent murders their own child. Stop having these children if you don't want them and if they are here already give them to someone who will care for them rather than abuse and kill them. HELL is real and these monsters will find out for themselves.

  • dwr1964 Dec 7, 2011

    In most abuse cases, the criminal ends up with a much lighter sentence than that same abuser hands down to the child. Children have to live with it for "life" while the abuser, especially in this case, is totally free. It's ok though. This was only his earthly judgement. 1 down and 1 to go, and the next judge isn't so lenient.

  • Rebelyell55 Dec 7, 2011

    I sure hope this ain't over. I would have to say he's needs to be looking at a serious new charge.

  • Statick Dec 7, 2011

    "Would it be considered double jeopardy to try this guy for first degree murder?"

    Double jeopardy doesn't apply in this case since he was only convicted of felony child abuse and child abuse inflicting serious injury. Now that the poor child has died due to said abuse, now the state can charge him with first degree murder.

  • Wendellcatlover Dec 7, 2011

    Ok, so the father served time for "child abuse and inflicting serious injury" on this child. Now that he has died, the state needs to file murder charges and send him to jail for life!

  • Subliminal Perception Dec 6, 2011

    ok, so the abuser served only a little more then 2 years, out on parole and since the boy died NO charges have been made?

    Either this article is wrote wrong or our judicial system ONCE again failed justice to a Angel.

  • mfarmer1 Dec 6, 2011

    I remember this story, I did not know the boy was still in the hospital.

    There is no doubt he should not see the light of day.

  • Just the facts mam Dec 6, 2011

    There are those people who take from society, and those who give. I sure hope he is charged with the death of this child, as he should have been locked up for life. But his short sentence is just another example of how badly the NC Justice System is, and how badly it needs to be fixed!!!