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Fayetteville 16-year-old charged with sex crimes

Posted November 24, 2010

— Cumberland County sheriff’s detectives charged a Jack Britt High School student with possessing videos and photos of girls engaged in sex acts, sheriff's officials announced Wednesday.

Jarvis Jermaine Williams Jr., 16, of 6310 Chartley Drive in Fayetteville, showed his collection to a witness, sheriff's officials said. School resource officers seized his cell phone, which had nude images stored on it, investigators said. 

Sheriff's officials did not say what age the girls appeared to be or if Williams knew them.

He is charged with multiple counts of second-degree sexual exploitation of a minor, third-degree sexual exploitation of a minor and disseminating materials harmful to minors.

Williams was released from the Cumberland County Detention Center to the custody of his parents under a $50,000 unsecured bond.


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  • oleguy Nov 25, 2010

    These kids with cell phones, I had a friend whos 12/13 year old was sending boys pictures of her thingie, One of the boys showed his mom what he recieved and it was on... People dont realize once a picture is sent by phone it all over the world in a matter of days.

  • lauraleigh Nov 25, 2010

    gman - wiki is not an authoritative source. Keep watching; the information will be updated SOON.

    Fan - Still watching, here? I contacted my friend; the number of hours is, in my opinion, high - something like 30/month. However, that's really not unreasonable; it suggests someone is spending a significant amount of time viewing porn daily, or almost daily.

    The histories in case studies are also showing the progressive nature of the damage being done by habitual porn use.

  • Alexia.1 Nov 24, 2010

    Dat MoFo, under age to you, but he's 16. Were those pictures of 5-year-old girls or ones his age? And did he take them or were they sent to him? These laws need to be revised to take into consideration that some "offenders" are themselves minors.

  • gman007 Nov 24, 2010

    From Wikipedea.

    "Pornography addiction, or more broadly overuse of pornography, is excessive pornography use that interferes with daily life. There is no diagnosis of pornography addiction in the current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), and as with the broader proposed diagnosis of sexual addiction, there is debate as to whether or not the behaviors indicate a behavioral addiction.[1]"

  • lauraleigh Nov 24, 2010

    It's a shame golo doesn't have a "Like" feature, like Facebook. Dat MoFo - I like what you said. Thanks. Exactly right, there.

  • Dat MoFo Nov 24, 2010

    Some folks need to read a bit more carefully. if it was a copy of Playboy, there would not be charges. "Sexual exploitation of a minor" is the charge with "minor" being the key word. if he was taking and showing off photos of nude, underage girls, that is the problem.

  • BJ2010 Nov 24, 2010

    deutschgirl89---Or, you could instead look up the definition of the word "rhetorical" and realize that I was not asking a real question. The rest of my comment should have implied that.

  • CarolinaGirlRJA Nov 24, 2010

    BJ2010 -- why don't you just read back through the comments and see how the subject got brought about instead of asking questions that you can answer yourself.

    nobody is suggesting that it should be illegal all together.

  • BJ2010 Nov 24, 2010

    Will someone please tell me how we got on the entire subject of porn addiction just from reading this little news story? The mentioning of a 16yr old boy looking at porn(probably involving one of his friends) is not grounds for a lecture on addiction. In my opinion.

    What's the point? Someone suggesting that it should be illegal all together?

  • fatchanceimwrong Nov 24, 2010

    So WRAL is publishing a photo of a minor who is charged with something?