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Father Indicted in Bus Driver Attack

Posted July 11, 2007

— A Cary man has been indicted on charges that he attacked a school bus driver two months ago, authorities said.

Derry Aimo Schmidt, 46, of 120 Frohlich Drive, has been indicted on charges of assault on a school employee, assault on a female and assault with a deadly weapon. The assault on a school employee charge was characterized as a hate crime, authorities said.

Schmidt was arrested May 23 after school bus driver Jametta Lynette Farrar said he flew into a rage when buses blocked him in after he parked in front of Cary Elementary School to drop off his daughter.

Farrar told police Schmidt attacked her while screaming racial slurs.

Schmidt has been ordered to have no contact with Farrar and to stay 100 yards away from all Wake County schools and all Wake County school buses while out on bond.

If convicted, he could face up to 150 days in jail for each assault charge and three to 12 months in jail for the hate crime.


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  • Adelinthe Jul 12, 2007

    choppa - "For those who think that this man should be charged with a hate crime I true would like to know your opinion why?"

    Because it's against the law, for one.

    Am thanking God that none of the children were exposed to this, eith the exception, perhaps, of his own that must've been traumatized by her dad's behavior, perhaps.

    Am praying for justice to be served and for this man to have to do anger-management and sensitivity training as well as the jail time.

    Am praying for the woman attacked. She must've been so terrified. Am praying for God to comfort her heart and strengthen her.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • Z Man Jul 12, 2007

    what's this 'assault on a female' charge? Is there such a thing? Is there such a thing as 'assault on a male'?

  • strolling bones Jul 12, 2007

    He did more than scream racial slurs at her. I went back to the orginial article posted on the box on right of top of page.

    Wulff said Schmidt got out of his car, Farrar got off the bus, and he then grabbed her.

    "We have descriptions of a shaking, and (he) then threw her to the ground," Wulff said. "Then (he) got into his car to drive forward and drove into her."

    Lets see where I would have stopped this man....o shaking right there he puts his hands on her....shaking her then tossing her to the ground...all the while screaming racials slurs at her..NO WOMAN SHOULD BE TREATED IN THIS MANNER ON HER JOB, IN PUBLIC OR ANYWHERE ELSE. I want all of you imagine someone grabbing you ..violently shaking you..now hear the racial slurs too...being screamed at you...then tossing you to the ground..he was threating her...this is way more than sticks or stones..this is an assault on ones person. The lady should have gotten off the bus, what if he got on the bus and attacked her there..

  • doodad Jul 12, 2007

    If I remember the story, the bus driver confronted the parent and began the argument. This is a lesson to all of us to "turn the other cheek" and walk or drive away. Once the child was out of the car and headed for the school, he could have remained quiet and easily drove away leaving the bus driver in a tizzy herself. He should not have assaulted her physically or verbally.

  • paythepiper Jul 12, 2007

    So much for sticks and stones huh. I agree that this man should be charged with assault, he should not have been parking there anyway. On the other issue, it is true that freedom of speech only goes so far, such as the yelling fire in a crowded theater example, but calling someone names hurts no one. So that guys a bigot as well as a bully, names we are called only hurt us when we allow them to.

  • plcj Jul 12, 2007

    He should be punished for attacking another person period. He does not have any self control, it would seem. We can't just attack another human because we get in a hurry or a jam or because we have issues. He needs argue management for starters.

  • liveinzoo Jul 12, 2007

    To correct nancy, (I'm a former driver myself)he was dropping her off in the morning and if I remember correctly the bell had already rung. You know as well as I, that is WAY more common for people to come flying into the bus lanes to drop off their late children. I'm not disagreeing with anyone you said, just correcting the time it happened. :)

  • John Q Public Jul 12, 2007

    The right thing was done. Some people act like they own the whole world.

  • daMoFo Jul 11, 2007

    So now we put people in jail for calling someone else names? What a bunch of babies some people in this country have become.

  • likemenow Jul 11, 2007

    You know what?....If this idiot had (and I'm Caucasian...actually Irish/Scottich/Dutch-American so I can call him an idiot) had been blocked in by a courteous but relatively defiant African-American male, i doubt very seriously WRAL or any other news station would have even had anything to report....He is a wanna-be bully that picked on a woman....whether she was white or black...I WISH he had actually possessed the cajones to pick on a 6'4 220 lb man....lol...again...he's an idiot and a bully..period