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Fatal wreck reported in Durham

Posted May 18, 2010

— Durham police were investigating a fatal crash that happened at 1:44 a.m. Tuesday near 3148 Hillsborough Road and Bellevue Avenue.

An eastbound 1995 Chevrolet Corsica crossed the center line and collided head-on with a westbound 1999 Nissan Sentra driven by Yonsy Balmore-Campos, 23, of Durham, police said. The Nissan was in the correct lane of travel when the crash happened, according to police.

The driver of the Corsica, whose name was not released because relatives had not been notified, was trapped in his vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene.

Balmore-Campos was taken to Duke University Hospital for treatment of serious injuries.

Investigators charged Balmore-Campos with driving while impaired, possession of an open container of alcohol in a vehicle and driving without a license.


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  • gingerlynn May 18, 2010

    braddyg - guess you've never had a family member seriously injured or killed by an unlicensed, drunk driver. Hopefully that will never happen to you, but if it does you will not be so quick to hold them up as pillars of society.

  • braddyg May 18, 2010

    "braddyg, somehow driving drunk without a license does not appear to me to be a productive member of society"

    I'd say that's a pretty broad stroke you're painting with there...

  • garnerCanesFan May 18, 2010

    braddyg, somehow driving drunk without a license does not appear to me to be a productive member of society

  • mike honcho May 18, 2010

    Maybe they were both drunk, anyone driving at 1:45am has the potential to be intoxicated, police arent going to charge the deceased with DWI. Wait till the blood results are back from the Medical examiner.

  • braddyg May 18, 2010

    Or maybe it kept him from getting home safely and getting some rest before being returning to be a productive member of society in the morning.

  • gingerlynn May 18, 2010

    yes but the one driving without a license was charged with DWI and open container. So maybe that accident stopped him from driving further and killing someone else at 1:45 in the morning

  • braddyg May 18, 2010

    Yes, except the one driving without a license WASN'T in the wrong lane and DIDN'T cause the accident. Just a reminder that legal, sober drivers can cause accidents too (even if those terms don't necessarily describe the unnamed driver).

  • gingerlynn May 18, 2010

    Driving without a license......