FAQ: WRAL Weather Alert app

Posted April 8, 2013
Updated October 9, 2015

I already have the free WRAL Weather app and subscribe to WeatherCall, why do I need the Weather Alert App?

The WRAL Weather Alert app alerts you to every type of weather you can imagine. Severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, high winds, fog, heat advisories. It's totally customizable so you only get what you want. The app uses the GPS in your phone, knows your location automatically and alerts you if you're in a dangerous weather situation. It goes wherever you go with your phone. It's the perfect app for travelers and people on the move. There's no programming. The app wakes itself up to alert you. You can see live DualDoppler 5000 radar right in the app and watch live WRAL Weather coverage during continuous coverage. You can even get alerts for one additional specific address in addition to your phone's current location. The WRAL Weather app displays all active weather alerts for North Carolina and Virginia, but they are not customized to your location or by alert type. WRAL WeatherCall is is linked to a physical address and alerts for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. If that address is inside a severe weather threat, you get a call from WRAL Chief Meteorologist Greg Fishel. Your $8/year subscription allows you to register up to three phone numbers per address.

What's the difference between WRAL Weather Alert app and a weather radio in my house?

The WRAL Weather Alert app goes with you. It knows the location of your cell phone and sends warnings to you while you're on the move. The warnings are based on your physical location. The app can turn itself on and warn you, provided your phone is on and you have not muted audio. You can watch live DualDoppler 5000 radar. Traditional weather radios must be programmed using a code for every county and warn for warnings anywhere in your county, not just for a specific location. Plus, they can cost up to $50.

I get free text alerts from another station. How is this different?

Other stations only offer county-wide alerts, not alerts for your specific location. You will get alerts that don't really affect you. The WRAL Weather Alert app only alerts you if your current location is in the path of severe weather. Have no worries when you travel. The WRAL Weather Alert app tracks severe weather wherever you are. The app can launch itself, send an alert, and then read the alert to you aloud, meaning you don't have to fumble for your glasses in the middle of the night or read the text while you're driving. You also get live radar maps and WRAL video streaming to see valuable detail about storms' current locations and damage potential, information not found in text alerts.

If you want a phone call - get WRAL WeatherCall

If you want warnings to follow you wherever you go with your smartphone -- get the free WRAL Weather Alert app