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Fans feel madness of March as local teams advance to Sweet 16

Posted March 18, 2012
Updated March 8, 2016

— March Madness is aptly named, according to basketball fans in Raleigh and Chapel Hill who watched their favorite hometown teams race to the Sweet 16 on Sunday.

"It's (called) madness because it's crazy out there," said Tar Heel fan Philip Carnes, who watched as North Carolina beat Creighton 87-73 in Greensboro to advance to the NCAA tournament's fourth round.

More than a thousand fans greeted the North Carolina State basketball team Sunday night as they returned to Raleigh from Columbus, Ohio. The Wolfpack beat Georgetown to make it the Sweet 16 for the first time in six years.

Fans pack onto campus for Wolfpack homecoming after win Fans pack onto campus for Wolfpack homecoming after win

"I'm still like, oh my gosh, N.C. State made it here and Duke didn't get past the first round," said Pack fan Amie Thompson, who waited at the Dail Basketball Center on campus for the team to get home.

"Take that Coach K!" added Yanon Gray, a junior at N.C. State.

The Triangle is basketball country, said UNC fan John McDonald.

Tar Heel fan: 'Basketball is way of life' Tar Heel fan: 'Basketball is way of life'

"It's a way of life. Ever since I was a little kid, we've watched basketball," McDonald said.

Both sets of fans are hoping their way of life leads them to the Final Four in New Orleans.

The teams play Friday in St. Louis – UNC faces Ohio at about 8 p.m. and N.C. State will play Kansas in the nightcap. Both games are on TBS. College basketball on TV


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  • TAILG8R2000 Mar 19, 2012

    Why are there so many UNC fans commenting on our story? Go read about Kendall and your easy matchup against OU. We have the Jayhawks to worry about.

  • RaleighRocks Mar 19, 2012

    Here's to a great Sweet Sixteen weekend!

    After the way the past has been for State, can you really blame people for hugging? This stuff is emotional, and vindication is sweet!

    As for the Creighton guy fouling to hurt, hard to know his intent or to whom he was winking. We were always told to take it hard to the "weak link", no mater why they were weak. Good, hard play is often just that. If he was trying to hurt him, he should be suspended for some games next season, but it is hard to prove someone's mindset by looking at their actions.

  • saina97 Mar 19, 2012

    I've got 100% correct so far on my picks. The funny thing is I picked based on which uniforms I liked best.

  • gopack10 Mar 19, 2012

    Go Wolfpack! Don't listen to any negative comments that people who are jealous are throwing around! Just do your thing and go as far as you can. We, the fans, are already so proud of you and your accomplishments so far and will back you all the way!!

  • IndependentAmerican Mar 19, 2012

    Another interesting 'censor' by WRAL. I put a 'Go Bobcats' message here - then explained in the post that I do believe Ohio will lose on Friday. My post didn't show up... because I didn't mention that they play UNC maybe, and I expect Ohio will get bounced? And here I thought this article was about March Madness (and the local teams). I guess it is only if you mention the local team by name.

  • lec02572 Mar 19, 2012

    I'm a State fan and my wife is a Duke fan, but after the ACC we are ACC fans. Sorry to see Duke, FSU, and VA gone. I would have loved to have seen five in the final sixteen. I guess they need dance lessons for next year. Va looked like they had two left feet and Duke and FSU were two stepping while State and UNC were getting down. Would love to have 2 of the final 8.

  • dwntwnboy Mar 19, 2012

    "You Tear-holes fan will cry and whine about anything"- at least we didn't blow a 20 pt lead at Duke and then try to blame that loss and the next (was it 3 or 4 in a row after that) losses on the refs. Still rooting for the Pack until/if they get to face the Heels again.

  • dwntwnboy Mar 19, 2012

    "we all saw the wink to his bench after the flagrant hit, thanks for the motivation you bums"- that ONE act set the Heels on fire, they played lights out after that little stunt by the wanna-be baller from Creepton.

  • dwntwnboy Mar 19, 2012

    The guy with the beard in the story/video was right next to us in the parking lot friday and sunday. Nice guy- his wife is a Duke fan, he's a UNC fan. When we got there friday, they had both UNC and Duke flags flying....on Sunday, it was just 4 UNC flags LOL She was still right there with him though. Nice couple. My favorite part of Sunday was when the Lehigh team came into the arena during one of the commercial time outs- the UNC fans gave em a standing O and chanted "let's go Lehigh". I'm guessing it's the most cheers they ever got as a team for just walking IN a building LOL

    I'm a die-hard UNC fan, but I couldn't be more happy for NCSU! Go Pack, if the Heels can't win it all, I want it to come home to NC State at least.

  • TruthBKnown Banned Again02 Mar 19, 2012

    "No, but they're acting like they did which tells me they're just happy to be in the Sweet 16 and will just go through the motions on Friday night. I just hope Yow doesn't call for a parade when they return."

    Yes, the same way their exuberance over being invited meant they were just happy to be there and would go through the motions on that first Thursday night. You don't have a clue, man. Please stop pretending to be a State fan.