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Family watches as cyclist killed in Littleton hit-and-run

Posted August 7, 2013

— State troopers were searching Wednesday for a pickup involved in a Tuesday night hit-and-run in Halifax County that killed a bicyclist.

The crash occurred about 9 p.m. on Faulcon Road in Littleton, when a southbound pickup hit Calvin Jefferson and didn't stop.

Jefferson, 58, was riding a bike near his home, and his family saw him get hit and killed, authorities said.

The pickup was described as a sky blue 2004 Ford F-150, and it was last seen headed toward Justice Branch Road, authorities said. The truck will likely have front-end damage, they said.

Anyone with information can call the State Highway Patrol's district office at 252-536-2224 during weekdays or the patrol's communications center at 800-662-7956 on nights or weekends.


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  • Momma2three Aug 8, 2013

    Littleton is a very antiquated area where many bigoted racists live. I wonder if race has anything to do with the lack of regard for human life shown by the driver of the light blue F-150. Very sad, and my condolences to the family of the victim. I pray for justice. Kudos @ jmizereck.

  • sinenomine Aug 8, 2013

    Raisincake, you suggested that the motorist who kills someone should be required to pay the funeral expenses of the deceased.

    I understand where you're coming from, but logically this makes very little sense to me. We all have to go some time and when we do there will be expenses associated with our funerals or cremations. I see no reason to shift expenses which are a foregone certainty to someone else simply because of the timing of our demise.

    Indeed if this were the law it is foreseeable that some loonies might actually "stage" accidents so that their families wouldn't have to pay. Don't laugh; such motivation is exactly why life insurance policies don't pay for suicides which occur within a certain time period after they're taken out. An insurer was successfully sued once, I believe, on the theory that its having issued a large policy to a person provided the motive for the person killing himself shortly thereafter.

  • Trekker Aug 8, 2013

    “This is why I quit riding my bicycle in 1995. I used to ride 100+ miles a week or more.” davidjohanson616

    I don’t know if you’re aware of the Capital Area Greenway Trail System but that would be a great resource for you to ride. The Neuse River Trail is very near completion and will be 36 miles from the Falls Lake Dam to Johnston County Line. Here is the link, I hope you check it out.


  • Trekker Aug 8, 2013

    Jmizereck – What a wonderful gesture on your part. As a fellow cyclist it breaks my heart every time we lose another cyclist, especially when the motorist chooses to leave the scene. What a cowardly act. I agree about the court system getting tougher on these criminals. Too many times they are undoubtedly leaving the scene due to intoxication only to later be charged for a much lesser charge. I know in some states for you to decline an alcohol test you are automatically charged for DWI. The same needs to be done for leaving the scene of an accident. Choosing to leave the scene involving a fatality should warrant a charge of hit and run, DWI and vehicular manslaughter.

  • LocalYokel Aug 8, 2013

    The penalty for killing someone with your car is very light in NC. Car killing gets much lighter punishment than gun and knife killing here in NC.

  • umop apisdn Aug 8, 2013

    "Our DA's office let the young man off the hook with probation."

    That's wrong on so many levels. I would have made him spend every minute in jail I could possibly tack on.

  • JustDave Aug 7, 2013

    This is why I quit riding my bicycle in 1995.
    I used to ride 100+ miles a week or more.

  • Tax Man Aug 7, 2013

    The murderer here needs to just turn himself/herself in and take the consequences. How can you just run away when you may have been able to save the life of the person you hurt? Only fit punishment for a crime like this is life without parole and having to forfeit all your assets to the family of the victim you killed. How hard is it to just drive safely and watch out for pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers?

  • frazee Aug 7, 2013


    Here in Harnett County we had a young man about 20 years old hit a gentleman on a bike, left him to die on a dark stretch of road. The gentleman died and the 20 year old turned himself in a day and a half later. Was he drunk or high at the time of the crash? Who knows. Our DA's office let the young man off the hook with probation. This is typical with the Harnett County courts. So as you say, they all need to get on the same page. Who learned anything from this man's death? There's no penalty.

  • CharmedLife Aug 7, 2013

    If a motorist kills a pedistrian or a cyclist, they should have to pay the cost of laying that person to rest irregardless of insurance. And believe you me, it's not cheap to lay someone to rest!