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Bigamy may have led to Cumberland Co. shooting

Posted July 31, 2014

— Andrew "Jay" Michaelis, who investigators said killed two people and wounded four Cumberland County deputies after a shooting spree on Wednesday, was married to a woman in Michigan, sources confirmed.

Michaelis’ wife in North Carolina, whom he has a 13-year-old son with, found out about the other woman last week, which may have sparked the arguing that led to Wednesday’s incident, sources said.

The news comes as family members attempt to make sense out of what happened.

"It's hard because I'm thinking about who Jay was," said a tearful Angelia Wilkins, whose father, Gary Simpson, was killed. "And I'm thinking about my daddy's gone, my nephew's, my brother's gone."

Simpson, 61, and Trekwan Covington, 10, were two of seven people inside the home on New Moon Drive when Michaelis sprayed the house with bullets from three 30-round magazines.

Simpson, who returned fire at Michaelis, was shot and killed in the living room. His grandson, Trekwan, was shot and killed in a hallway.

The chaos that erupted at the home, located inside Crystal Springs Mobile Home Park near Hope Mills, began four miles away at Michaelis' home on Bramblegate Road at about 7 a.m. Wednesday.

There, according to authorities, Michaelis attacked his estranged wife, Valerie, with a knife and a gun. She was able to get the gun away from him, then escaped to her father's home on New Moon Drive.

Her husband followed.

As deputies responded to Bramblegate Road, they were rerouted to New Moon Drive, where Andrew Michaelis was shooting into the residence. Among those in the house was Michaelis’ son, Ryan, who was there "because of problems in the home," Cumberland County Sheriff Earl "Moose" Butler said.

Michaelis drove away before returning a second and third time to fire into the house, Butler said. Deputies arrived in between the volleys, and one who entered the home was hit in the chest, back and shoulder.

Other deputies pursued Michaelis through a wooded area into an adjoining neighborhood and onto a residential street.

Michaelis continued to exchange gunfire with the deputies and died of a gunshot wound after hitting four deputies, Butler said. It wasn't clear if the deputies killed him or if he took his own life.

"There was no animosity at all within our family," said Wilkins, Simpson's daughter. "We were family, like I said. I just don't know what set him off. But the man that did this is not the man that we've known for 10 years."

Those who knew Michaelis, including his co-workers at Patterson Mayflower Moving Company, where he worked for the past decade, were also in shock Thursday.

"He expressed how much he loved his son and I'd say 'Hey Jay, what you got planned for the weekend,'" said Horace Gilbert, general manager. "I'm taking my son to the hockey game or the indoor football game. And he just let on that his son was his whole life."

Cumberland County Deputy Joshua LaFave, 25, was hit in the chest, back and shoulder while inside the New Moon Drive home. He was in serious, but stable condition Thursday inside the intensive care unit at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center.

A bullet grazed the head of Cumberland County Deputy Angelica Condesaavedra, 36. She was treated and released from a medical facility.

Cumberland County Deputy Jamie McLeod, 25, was bruised on her torso after a bullet struck her equipment belt. She suffered minor bruising and was treated at a local medical facility for scrapes to her knee.

Cumberland County Deputy Travis Knotts, 27, was grazed on the leg by a bullet. He was treated at the scene and has returned to duty.

Gunfire shattered the window of a state trooper's cruiser but the officer was not injured.


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  • christinebbd Aug 6, 2014

    To the men and women who responded to a call for help, thank you for putting your life on the line. You are why he didn't fire 4, 5, or more times into the home.
    Folks, are you able to read the mind of someone with "almost no animosity at all" to know they're going to one spot 3 times to shoot 30 rounds each?
    Dear reader, Folks, the peace officers can't be EVERYWHERE and they can't read minds. YOU have the freedom to make yourself an equalizer between someone "with almost no animosity" but has their own gun. Please be responsible for your own safety. We're living in a new society folks. If you, dear neighbor wanting 'more gun control', could simply take one class on the use of a gun, learn to become proficient with hand guns and rifles, you could do much to equalize the "unknown tomorrow may hold".
    When our constitution was written all women, teenagers and men were trained to use a gun. Folks, the peace officers can't be EVERYWHERE can they?

  • Terry Lightfoot Aug 1, 2014
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    3 30 round bursts of gunfire...nice , wonder if the gun(s) where registered, legal, etc.
    Sad - sounds like a very troubled set of relationships.

  • "Screen Name-8/20" Aug 1, 2014

    "It's hard because I'm thinking about who Jay was," said a tearful Angelia Wilkins, whose father, Gary Simpson, was killed. "And I'm thinking about my daddy's gone, my nephew's, my brother's gone."

    What brother is she talking about? It was her father and nephew that died.

    Maybe she meant her brother-in-law, instead of brother???

    Prayers for them all, regardless the circumstances. It must be like they entered a nightmare and can't wake up.

  • "Screen Name-8/20" Aug 1, 2014

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    Like the story says, there were no red flags in this family.

    This couple had apparently been happily married for over 13 years since they had a son that year.

    And every living member in the family now says the guy just "changed" once confronted with his bigamy.

  • 678devilish Aug 1, 2014

    Ladies be aware of the red flags all around you. Don't get caught up in how he looks, talks and act around you. He certainly is not all of that. Most of all stop swalloing every word he says and believing it. He is not perfect. He is just running a game on you and you apparently may be to blind to see it. Watch for the red flags. They are there; just open your eyeys wider.

  • rickandlinda88 Aug 1, 2014

    again,why??why??..too much violence;killing..this must end..people are so quick to draw guns and start shooting..why??.

  • 678devilish Aug 1, 2014

    He absolutely should get life in prison without parold.

  • 678devilish Aug 1, 2014

    The public may have a right to know about a situation such as this but they don't NEED to know.

    scubagirl2Jul 31, 6:20 p.m.


  • 678devilish Aug 1, 2014

    It all started and ended in tragedy because of one man's lies. This is terrible for both women. His guilty obviously overroad him. The truth men will always come out regardless how long.

  • Anna Bucciarelli Aug 1, 2014
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    @Archmaker this was my neighborhood and yes I wanted to know what was going on. I am thankful for WRAL for providing information. Yes in the beginning there was some information that wasn't accurate. But that was still while things were happening. I know because I could still hear gunfire as reports were being posted. It was a tense situation and I was scared I didn't know where this person was all I knew was there were a ton of law enforcement and gunfire. There will always be people downing the media and gun owners I know but this is not the place for that. If you don't like the way WRAL reports write them, call them and let them know your grievances. If don't agree with the Right to Bear Arms write your representatives, Senators the President whoever make your voice heard in those arenas. This is a very sad situation two innocent people were killed. This was all this man's fault his rage about God knows what caused this.