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Family questions death of murder victim's longtime partner

Posted April 15, 2015

— The longtime partner of Ron Lane, a Wayne Community College employee who was shot dead Monday shortly after he arrived for work, was reported missing and later found dead last year.

Chuck Tobin was found in November hanging from a tree in the woods behind the home the couple shared in Seven Springs.

Lane’s shooting death this week prompted Chuck Tobin’s sister to speak out about her brother’s death, saying she still holds concerns about the relationship that began in 2002, when Tobin was 16 and Lane was 32.

Carolyn Tobin believes the relationship began earlier, when Tobin was 14. She said the family still is not convinced that Chuck Tobin took his own life.

“He was with Ron Lane, (who) was extremely controlling of his behavior, wouldn't let him get with any of us at any time, was real clingy, jealous,” Carolyn Tobin said Wednesday. “You know the way he was clingy to him, (it) made myself in particular uncomfortable.”

Lane reported his partner missing in July and posted daily messages on Facebook asking Tobin to return.

Four months later, hunters found Tobin's remains.

Carolyn Tobin said she has always felt the circumstances surrounding her brother's death were suspicious.

“Absolutely, I mean they searched with canines, but yet they missed his body 900 feet from the yard, above ground in the summertime, detained. How is that possible?” she said.

Wayne County Sheriff's investigators ruled Tobin's death a suicide, saying Lane had no role in his disappearance.

"He was completely cleared in the investigation," Maj. Tom Effler said. "He was emotionally distraught over the situation."

Kenneth Morgan Stancil III, 20, a former work-study student who worked for Lane in the college print shop, is charged with murder in Lane’s death. Stancil has confessed to the crime, saying he killed him because Lane made sexual advances toward his younger brother.

Lane's murder has brought Tobin's family's pain back, especially when it comes to Stancil's allegations that Lane made overtures toward his teenage brother on Facebook.

“I don't condone any murder, but I feel it's just a, just a sad thing that (Stancil) also lost his life, and he'll be in prison forever,” Carolyn Tobin said.

Lane’s relatives in Seven Springs declined to speak to WRAL News, saying it was too soon for them to talk. But they said Lane was a good, kind man who was close to his family and always had an upbeat outlook on life.


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  • Belinda Warrick Apr 19, 2015
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    Lane's family says he was a kind person and close to his family. Well child molesters usually do come off kind and close to their families. That's usually where they get their first victims, their little sisters and brothers and their nieces and nephews and cousins and the list goes on. Wayne Community College was a perfect hunting ground for this predator. I can't even imagine how many he abused or tried to abuse with all the fresh young opportunities around campus. I am not ignorant and do not believe that no one knew what was happening there. Personally I believe that there are more predators still working at the college and there needs to be an in depth investigation into Lane's job at the college, his fellow workers, any student workers, his boss, etc.. His job in the "print shop" gave him all the tools needed for distribution of child pornography. I think the SBI or better yet the FBI and maybe even ICE should be investigating this. I have no compassion for these kind of sickos.

  • Timely House Apr 16, 2015
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    Please keep in mind though, that if the perp was a female, and the brother is heterosexual, that would validate him as a man. Being groomed by a pedophile who is a homosexual, can cause great confusion and fear to a young man who is not sexually versed.

  • Anne Havisham Apr 16, 2015
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    Your children are fortunate indeed to have you!

    I agree with you on the ugliness of romanticizing and sexualizing the abuse of boys by women: Abuse is abuse, and needs to be dealt with that way.

  • Christopher Rose Apr 16, 2015
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    Anne , My Oldest is trans. I am well aware of what LGBT goes through. And that was why I was making that point. I agree I suspect this guy may have been high fiving his brother if it was some woman. I come from the camp that ANY passes made at any person under 18 by a person significantly over 18 should be a crime. Especially a person in a position of authority like this guy was. And yes I'm in favor of putting women who commit such crimes in the slammer too.

  • Quinn Satterthwaite Apr 16, 2015
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    Its shaping up to appear that the world has been relived of a pedophile and based on the history with the prior guy supposedly hanging himself just as this guy goes hunting for a new 16 year old boyfriend, it would seem possibly relived the world of a murderer too.Its not over until there is an investigation of what other 16 (or 14) year olds with traumatic backgrounds Lane may have been also been grooming. The evil that men do lives on after them.

    If there are other 16 year old out there we ought to get them into a program and break this cycle.

  • Cathy Lane Apr 16, 2015
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    While I do not condone what Stencil did, these revelations certainly add some validity to the claims made by Stencil. What would you do in this same situation? I really don't know. Personally, I saw an individual pull a butcher knife in a similar situation years ago. Not sure if she would have used it, after warning the individual to stay away from her son. But I would not have wanted to take any chances. Neither did that individual! Always more to a story than we know.

  • Christopher Rose Apr 16, 2015
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    The more I learn about this, the more I suspect the victim was just a garden variety child molester who was smart enough to wait to make things official with his victims when they were 16 at the age of consent. I don't think murder is the answer. And it's clear the perpetrator has some issues. I'd also state that the fact that the molester is gay is insignificant because orientation has no bearing on that. Its shaping up to appear that the world has been relived of a pedophile and based on the history with the prior guy supposedly hanging himself just as this guy goes hunting for a new 16 year old boyfriend, it would seem possibly relived the world of a murderer too.

  • Tim Dean Apr 16, 2015
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    "Yuck". What has the world come to?

  • Pam Price Apr 16, 2015
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    In NC, 16 is the age of consent. My youngest daughter was 16 and working in a restaurant. One of the bosses was really infatuated with her. He kept making innuendos etc towards her. My other two children worked there as well, and my son had to put him in his place. I was so concerned that I called a friend who is an attorney. He said if she willingly went out with him, there was nothing I could do as the age of consent was 16. That creeped me out. I did let the guy know that I was watching him! And no, they never went out and my 16 year old eventually found another job.

  • Timely House Apr 15, 2015
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    Why wasn't Lane investigated for Child Molestation or Endangerment in 2002? He is a pedophile by definition.