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Family friend: Girl's killers deserve to die

Posted December 29, 2015

— Friends and family of a 1-year-old who was killed in a Christmas Day shooting in Chapel Hill say getting justice for the girl means the men suspected in the shooting should get the death penalty.

Maleah Williams was shot in the head in the 700 block of Trinity Court on Friday evening, and she died Monday at UNC Hospitals.

Ramone Jamarr Alston, 22, and Pierre Je Bron Moore, 23, were arrested Monday and charged with first-degree murder. Shaquille Oneill Davis, 22, was arrested Sunday on charges of attempted first-degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury.

"They need to rot. They need to get the death penalty for capital murder because that baby did not deserve it," said Larunda Craig, a friend of Maleah's family whose husband was the girl's godfather. "I want the highest penalty they can get. We're going to fight for that."

Police said shots were fired from a vehicle as it was leaving an apartment complex, and one of the bullets struck the toddler. Witnesses said the shooting might have been retaliation for an argument that occurred earlier Friday and that Maleah was an innocent victim.

"It's a big tragedy what happened, and it's going to take a while for everyone to get adjusted to what happened," said Craig, who was at the apartment complex during the shooting.

"I saw the passenger door open, and I saw the person rise from the passenger side with the gun," she said. "I saw the first fire, started panicking and started grabbing kids."

Orange County District Attorney Jim Woodall said it's too early to discuss whether he would pursue capital punishment in the case, adding that it's uncertain whether Davis will even be charged with murder.

"A lot of information has come in since the first suspect was arrested. It's very fluid. We're evaluating the information because the information doesn't always turn out to be evidence," Woodall said.


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  • Tonya Freeman Dec 31, 2015
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    Are you basically saying "Be complacent about what you accept in your neighborhood, because if you say something, you may get shot? So best to just leave it alone."

    Because it kinda sounds like that's what you're saying. Which is a prime example of exactly WHY people do need to band together PUBLICLY against th*gs in their hood. Who are they to dictate and scare people into submission? Maybe you.

    And all the ones on the side of the gun need to be charged with murder, because had they not been clownin' and acting like animals, Baby Girl would still be alive.

    But no - they had "keep it real!"

  • Geneva Smith Dec 31, 2015
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    Guess what, if the blacks rally against criminals in the hood, they will probably get shot at or a few of them killed, cause that's what criminals do. However when there is a rogue cop doing what is consisted with criminal behavior it is safer to rally against it in public. Now as far as these guys go, only the trigger man should be charged with 2nd degree murder and the other two accessory, that's just my opinion.

  • Jim Smith Dec 30, 2015
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    Where is the outrage for this crime in the same way the activists get riled up over police shootings? Hypocrites!
    Chicago in particular is a joke. Look at how many gang members have killed each other in the heroin and other drug trades there over the past five years. Its literally in the 1000's and yet they only take to the streets in protest over shootings by police. Again; Hypocrites!
    This poor little girl has been snuffed out by a word that I am not even allowed to use on WRAL because somehow it is offensive to people when it is derived from the name of an actual historical gang of murderers and thieves in India. Yeah that word. Either way these individuals if found guilty should get the worst the law can currently offer them.

  • Timmy Astral Dec 30, 2015
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    Let there be a truth to "Prison Justice".

  • Tonya Freeman Dec 30, 2015
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    And thankfully my career affords me to not have to live in the hood, and THIS is precisely why I don't even visit! No thanks! I know there are a lot of good people who unfortunatley have to live with criminal elements infesting like ROACHES...but then that's where REAL community activism comes into place (unlike this "manufactured rage" that BLM is propagating) - BAND TOGETHER TO FIGHT CRIME AND MAKE HOODLUMS FEEL UNWELCOME AND UNCOMFORTABLE. Then you can live in a low income area without worrying about your head getting shot off. Also, WORK WITH, NOT AGAINST, LAW ENFORCEMENT. When they take too long to answer calls, you get mad and complain, but yet when they position themselves to watch the community and profile to keep EVERYONE SAFE - we get mad about that too and claim RACISM. That makes ZERO sense, and you cant have it both ways!!! Get it together!

  • Tonya Freeman Dec 30, 2015
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    They need to march and stand for hours in these "hoods" to send the SAME message they call themselves trying to send to Law Enforcement ....which is, "we are watching you, and will hold you accountable".....send that to these hoodlums and maybe they will think twice before terrorizing the community. But they know y'all BLM types are more worried about what the cops are doing, and trying to micromanage the justice system (which 90% of are good cops) so the hoodlums are running around wild and unchecked! This makes me SO ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY AREN'T MORE OF US ANGRY ABOUT THIS?

  • BigWillie Johnson Dec 30, 2015
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    With death comes a certain amount of peace, on the other hand as these guys will be known as baby killers in prison, they literally could spend years actually living hell, if we sentenced them to life without parole. Remember that little inconsistency, in the ten commandments, "Thou shall not kill," I expect it trumps a vague scripture elsewhere.

  • Tonya Freeman Dec 30, 2015
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    As a black woman, I know the black lives matter crowd will be more worried about whether or not the cops roughed up these th*gs during arrest, and not what happened to the beautiful baby or her mother. Black lives, black PAIN like this mother went through doesn't matter to them. THIS, THIS is why you common th*gs are profiled...because when left to run in society unchecked and unwatchable - THIS is the mess they do! The rest of society - black, white, green, yellow - we all deserve to live in society without worrying about being terrorized by these TH*GS. These are not black MEN.......and until us black folks learn to DISASSOCIATE with this criminal and evil element, the world will continue to view BLM as a joke, which it is. THIS BABY'S LIFE MATTERED. HER MOTHERS LIFE MATTERED. THIS COMMUNITY OF PEOPLE TRYING TO ENJOY A PEACEFUL CHRISTMAS MORNING MATTERED.And I hate I have to be anonymous for fear of my own people attacking me!

  • King Mopar Dec 30, 2015
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    I think our NC needs to send a tough message and do away with the injection method, bring back the chair, the chamber, or the firing squad--let these 3 take their pick.

  • Carolyn Buck Dec 30, 2015
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    I have been wondering where is all the protestors, they are usually burning down things like cars someone business and looting, now where are you, get something rolling for your people.