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Family: Elderly Harnett man befriended teen accused in his death

Posted July 28, 2011

— An elderly Harnett County man had befriended and given work and money to an 18-year-old who is accused of killing him on Wednesday evening, relatives said Thursday.

Matthew Robert Fogleman, of 1263 Ernest Brown Road, faces a first-degree murder charge in the death of 82-year-old Andy Collins, who was found dead Wednesday evening inside his home at 1111 C.P. Stewart Road.

After seeing a car speed away and the gate to the home open, neighbor Curtis Salmon went to check on Collins, Salmon's son, Brad, said.

His father found the back door unlocked and then saw Collins, Salmon said.

"He could see him laying back in his recliner with blood on his shirt," Salmon said.

Collins, who lived alone, had apparently been stabbed in the chest, Salmon said. Authorities said Collins died shortly after sheriff's deputies and medical personnel arrived. His body was sent to the Office of the State Chief Medical Examiner for an autopsy.

Deputies said they found Collins' stolen 2011 Toyota Camry about an hour later on Le-Mar Lane in the Old Hundred Mobile Home Park, about five miles from the crime scene.

Investigators said Fogleman had a knife on him when he was arrested Thursday morning, but they haven't confirmed if that knife was the murder weapon.

Fogleman was charged with motor vehicle theft and possession of stolen motor vehicle, in addition to murder. He was placed in the Harnett County jail and denied bond.

Investigators said that Fogleman had cut Collins' grass and did other yard work for him, but they don't know a motive for the slaying.

"The only thing I can tell you, in my opinion, would be that maybe the kid came and tried to get some money from him," Collins' nephew, Jamie Patterson, said. "My uncle – knowing the type he is – he would have fed him and even carried him to get some groceries." Matthew Robert Fogleman Elderly Harnett man slain in home

Collins let Fogleman go fishing in a lake in his backyard and gave him a credit card, on which he made a lot of charges, Patterson said.

"I've spoken to (Fogleman) a time or two across the yard. He looked like a normal kid to me," Patterson said.

He said Fogleman had gained the sympathy of his uncle, who was a veteran of the Korean and Vietnam wars.

"I think the kid told Mr. Collins he wanted to join the Army, and Mr. Collins had been a 23-year Army veteran, retired. That hit hard with him, and he was just trying to let him do some work," Patterson said, adding that his uncle gave Fogleman a ride to see an Army recruiter.

Collins twice ran for Harnett County sheriff in the 1970s. "I think he wanted to make a difference around here," Patterson said.

After his service in the Army, Collins managed car wash operations in Lillington and Dunn. His wife died of cancer years ago.

"He was a pillar of the community," Patterson said. "He was always at church. People adored him. He was a fine man."


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  • carrboroyouth Aug 1, 2011

    This guy seemed like an amazing man trying just trying to help out another person. Very very sad story. Betrayals like this are the worst :[

    I just baffled as to why you would harm someone who was so supportive of your future. Offering a job (seeing as there are not many)and buying groceries for the guy is so generous.

    Also, enough with the comments about the "me" generation. There are murderers in every age group. Some of you older people have no "fear, sense and morality" either.

  • reutherlorrie Aug 1, 2011

    must have been to specific, because 1st comment didn't post, so I'll be general. Shame on people who would make hurtful comments on a story you know nothing about. About a man who can no longer speak for himself, a man who has family members who have to read such garbage. your ignorance speaks volumes. This man was my uncle, he was a man who loved god and his family and he did nothing to deserve what happened....and now he has gone home to be with my aunt Ann. Rest in peace uncle Andy

  • jordanreuther621 Aug 1, 2011

    I meant to say that Andy had a pet who could have suffered. sorry. also thank god for all the loving people on C.P Stewart Road that came instantly to help. _-Jordan R.-_

  • jordanreuther621 Aug 1, 2011

    Ok well Andy Was My great uncle. Loke great grandpa but great uncle. I saw Fogleman Weed eating the grass, some time ago. I was staying acroos the street at my papa's He looked normal to me. He looked a little thin. THank God For Kurtis Bc if he didnt notice the car speeding out Andy would've died alone and never been found until someone noticed that his car never came back and his dog was bone skinny. Oh anad for the people who said maybe a bad drug deal and another something else? You need to back the heck off! Andy had a purple heart, was a vet fought in the Vietnam war, and had prostate cancer. So I think you better shut your mouth bc he didnt do drugs. Andy knew better than that. Oh and another comment someethings fishy? Whats fishy about a drug attic comming to his bosses house, stabbing him 2 times, stole some cash outa his wallet, and took his car. nothings fishy about that. so stop trying to stick out from everybody else saying stuff like that like that. _-Jordan R.-_

  • Weetie Jul 29, 2011

    My thoughts and prayers surely go out to this family...May God give you comfort.

  • danielleakers25 Jul 29, 2011

    RIP PAPA andy, you will be miss more than anything. i love you. your with god now. and the boy is deff doing his time. and he''ll ONE DAY have to face the family he tore you from and say sorry.! and i know it wont help, but still wanna se him face to face, and have him look me in the EYE and tell me WHY he did such an thing. i love you papa. RIP. forever and always.

  • superman Jul 29, 2011

    Very sad but you cant close or alter your life because of one person or experience. If you had an accident you would never drive again. If you had bad food in a restaurant you would never eat out again. There are a lot of positive things and to point out a bad experience and use that for your direction--you will live an unhappy life.

  • juchushu Jul 29, 2011

    He was a family member of mine and we are all deeply sadened by what has happened. Andy was a good man, and tried to help anybody that he could, including this troubled young man. It just goes to show that you can't trust anybody, no matter how good or how long you've known them. We are continuing to pray for the boy who thought it neccesary to take fate of someone elses life in his hands.

  • BreBoy Jul 28, 2011

    To the family, I am sorry for your loss. I'm also sorry this young man felt he had no other options. I know he hasn't been proven guilty yet, but somebody is.

    Unfortunately this happens too often. Someone, usually an elderly person, gives yard work/small jobs and money to help a person and then that person takes advantage of the situation. Then when the one doing the giving can't give anymore, they end up dead. I've told my parents not to give odd jobs, money, or even use of their phone to anyone they don't know. And I do the same. It's a shame the world is like this now. It don't have to be.

  • NC Reader Jul 28, 2011

    There have been terrible people throughout history. We just didn't know about all the murders, rapes, etc. that took place because we didn't have instant Internet access. What comforts me when I hear about evil acts such as this is my experience with so many fine young people -- young people who are kind, respectful, and trying to change the world for the better. These are the teenagers who go on church mission trips to build homes in Honduras, volunteer in animal shelters, raise money for cancer research, and who (yes) spend time visiting older people with no thought of getting something financial out of it. They are our hope, even though a few of them (like a few of every generation) choose to do evil.