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Family Dollar presents plan to Carrboro leaders

Posted May 16, 2012
Updated May 17, 2012

— Family Dollar presented its plans for a Carrboro store to the town's Board of Adjustment Wednesday as dozens of neighbors packed the meeting to protest.

Many neighbors say the dollar store will bring unwanted noise and traffic to the area around Alabama Avenue, where Family Dollar plans to build a 8,100-square-foot store in what is now a wooded area.

They didn't get a chance to address the board Wednesday due to the length of the presentation by company representatives and town staff, but the board plans to meet again next Wednesday to give those who oppose the store a chance to make their case.

The board is expected to make a decision about the store at that meeting.

Developer Will Stronach, of Stronach Properties, said earlier this month that Family Dollar has made several changes to the original plans to make the store more neighborhood friendly, including adding trees to the landscaping and brick and siding to create a softer look.


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  • SaveEnergyMan May 17, 2012

    I hate to say it, but the people protesting don't much look like neighbors who live on the Alabama Ave I know. I agree with the others that say this store provides low cost merchandise to people who, let's just say, would like to pay cash from the days wages.

    I wonder how many of these "neighbors" are the same neighbors protesting the drug store on Weaver Street? What sort of waste of taxpayer money do they want to build on Alabama Avenue instead?

    The unemployment is low because of UNC, which doesn't pay taxes. Combined with the lack of industry (non-existent in CH/Carr) and large commercial (big box stores are almost all just over the line in Durham) means high home tax rates, which combined with the over-priced real-estate makes the cost of living unbearable. Not something to be emulated, but it does make the uber-leftists happy.

  • aetius476 May 17, 2012

    "Aetius467 you sound so racist...get out of here, people can only go where they can afford!!!" - writetanisha

    Why do you say that. I used to work right across the street from the site and I currently work in downtown Carrbor. I like the town, I like the people.

    I am actually for the store! The fact is, the demographics in Carrboro, especially that area of Jones Ferry, would support this type of affordable shopping.

    The low/modest income folks and the people living in the apartments (yes many are Hispanic) in that area would be the ones using the store. Just like use the PTA down the street.

    The arrogant, NIMBYs protesting the store, and acting like they own Carrboro, will not shop there, and could care less if there is anywhere affordable to shop.

    That was my point!

  • dryjr May 17, 2012

    Isn't there a gas staion and laundry mat already in that area?

  • writetanisha May 17, 2012

    @ Aetius467 you sound so racist...get out of here, people can only go where they can afford!!!!@ Robbyn u are so right, its just a store.. they act like its a club, people go to the store everyday smh

  • robbyh May 17, 2012

    Geez, You would think they were putting in a bar or something it's just a store for crying out loud. !!

  • writetanisha May 17, 2012

    That would be great i can walk there, we need another store like that , because we only have dollar general! BUILD THE STORE!!!!!!!!!

  • PetulantHarbinger May 17, 2012

    The Family Dollar near our house is very nice, always clean, has pleasant staff and great prices.

  • dcatz May 17, 2012

    "Orange County has the lowest unemployment rate in the State. I think everyone would love to emulate 6% unemployment."

    People have to be actually looking for a job to be counted as unemployed.

  • aetius476 May 17, 2012

    Park and watch who will park in front of the store in the Fire Lane, which is usually clearly marked. - harleysfather60

    LOL! How true. Go to any Food Lion and watch who parks right in front of the door, or in the fire lane. Everytime!

    So typical, so funny...

  • zeke1969 May 17, 2012

    why so Carrboro could be like your neighborhood?