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Family dog mauls 5-year-old

Posted August 25, 2009
Updated August 26, 2009

— A 5-year-old boy was attacked Tuesday afternoon by his family's Rottweiler, authorities said.

Daniel Reason suffered multiple bites to his head and torso, his mother, Heather Reason, also had bites on her legs, authorities said.

The boy was in surgery Tuesday evening at Pitt Memorial Hospital in Greenville, and his condition was unknown.

Wilson County Sheriff's Office animal control officers took the dog into custody while the incident is investigated, authorities said.


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  • Gottalovemy4dogs Aug 26, 2009


    Granted the above website is a pro-bull site but they gather articles about other breeds of dogs who bite/maul. I also did my research and found the reports I checked were accurate regarding the type of dog that attacked.

  • Gottalovemy4dogs Aug 26, 2009

    SPEAK 1 – Average bite force for a Rottie is approx 300 pounds, not 75 pounds. A humans average bite force is approx 160 pounds. Also, I’m curious to know where you get your information about what is actually happening. Is it from media outlets that often make mistakes or report incorrectly? I get my information from respected sources like the CDC, Humane Society, AKC or UKC sites. I have found that they are very honest about what to expect from the different breeds. And PETA has euthanized almost 85% of it’s “rescued” animals since 1998. PETA supports euthanasia.

    Mpheels – Thank you so much for a well thought out response to my posts. I love a good educated debate.

  • Frank Downtown Aug 26, 2009

    You should never leave a child alone with any dog. Even small dogs will bite if they cannot escape from the clutching hands of child. Of course, a big dog will just eat them!

  • TarheelTurtle Aug 26, 2009

    Here's a point no one has raised yet (as of this posting): The dog was supposedly "rescued" by this family, having suffered a life so far of neglect and abuse. If, and let me be clear, IF the rescue organization let the famiy adopt it, knowing it wasn't to be around children, and the family knew it, why was the dog allowed to be adopted in the first place? Telling a 5 year old to stay away from something, is like telling them "Here you go, have at it." Not only are the parents responsible, and negligent, but the "rescue" organization as well, for letting people with young children adopt the poor thing in the first place. And why was the dog allegedly chained up, in a separate area? Isn't that abusive? (It is to me). Too many unanswered questions. I'm sorry for the child and the dog. Not the parents who should have known better, and certainly not the "rescue" organization, who should have done a better job screening it's applicants.

  • Chris_H Aug 26, 2009

    All dogs can snap - agreed. However not all dogs can cause the damage a Rottweiler or Pitt Bull can - that's really the issue. I have heard they can be kind and gentle etc... etc... etc... but if they do turn they are going to either seriously hurt or kill a person...that is the issue with the breed and that is why I would not own one.

  • mpheels Aug 26, 2009

    I don't support banning breeds by any means, but I would definitely support stricter dog control measures and greater punishments for dog owners when their dogs cause harm. I spent 2 years working at a boarding kennel and was never bitten by a dog. In those 2 years the only dogs that ever came close to biting me were Jack Russel Terriers.

  • Iworkforaliving Aug 26, 2009

    actually, let me add, sometimes there is just something wrong inside a creatures head that they could snap at any moment for any reason, man or beast.

  • Iworkforaliving Aug 26, 2009

    hmmm bad owner = bad dog. enough said.

  • mpheels Aug 26, 2009

    Gottalovemy4dogs, it's more than just size that matters. Labs are large enough to cause serious harm, even death, but they are also bred to have a softer bite so they don't destroy the birds they retrieve. Terriers are generally small enough that they couldn't kill and adult, but they're bred to have a very strong bite so they can kill rodents. Breeds like Rottweilers and Pit Bulls have the worst of both worlds, so to speak. They are bred to have a very strong bite and are large/heavier. In general dogs that were bred for fighting, security, or police work are more dangerous than other breeds. This does not mean that ALL individual dogs that fit those categories will hurt someone, just that they are capable of causing more harm based on the physical nature and temperament of the breeds. All in all the chances of any randomly selected individual dog causing harm are low, regardless of breed.

  • FoxtrotUniformCharlieKiloakaCALM Aug 26, 2009

    Why anyone would leave a young child alone with a dog is beyond me.

    Some dogs are just genetically disposed to be more aggressive, those pit bull lovers and other aggressive dog breed lovers just don't want to be lumped into the group of irresponsible pet owners, and I don't blame them. RESPONSIBLE aggressive dog owners realize their dog's instincts and respect them. And they don't end up on the news.