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Fake officer robs I-40 driver in Johnston County

Posted March 27, 2012

— A man impersonating a law enforcement officer robbed a driver along Interstate 40 Sunday night, according to the Johnston County Sheriff's Office.

The victim told investigators that he thought an officer was pulling him over in a black Ford Crown Victoria with flashing blue lights, deputies said. The driver stopped near the N.C. Highway 210 exit, near McGee Crossroads, around 9:30 p.m.

A man got out of the Ford, shone a flashlight in the driver's face and ordered him out of his car, deputies said. The man then went into the victim's car, took out $600 and drove away in the Ford.

The victim said he thought the man was wearing a uniform, but he couldn't give a good suspect description because the man held a flashlight in his face the whole time.


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  • Meridian Mar 28, 2012

    I would expect a LEO to be smart enough to understand a person proceeding to a safe area (just because its well-lit doesn't mean its safe)& pull ppl only in safe areas to begin with. Despite the condescension of many LEOs, I will NOT risk stopping nor will I advise my teenager to stop unless it's a safe area. Write me a ticket(s), call 9 more cars to join in, lock me up. I would rather face a judge & defend myself for trying to be safe, than to be an unsolved murder 35 years from now found charred in a shallow grave like the story I just read on WRAL or have my teenager go missing and never be found. You could write me 1000 tickets & slam me in prison, but it would never correct that situation, so I believe the adage, "better safe than sorry." As for this story, who knows? We wouldn't even be having this convo if the person had pulled over in a safe area where he could see what was happening, would we???

  • Bartmeister Mar 28, 2012

    @ leo-nc = The cop was young and anxious to prove a point. I could see that. Not a lot the average person can do against that. It did put a bad taste in my mouth, but only against the local jurisdiction, not all LEO's. This cop ripped my door open and dragged me out of the vehicle, which surprised me cause I always keep my doors locked (I thought), cuffed me and then started to parade around barking comments and demanding answers. It was plain that his ego had taken over. I have always respected law enforcement, my dad was a cop for a while. In the absence of LEO's, when you need help, my dad always said call a hippie! See how that works out. This article is a black eye for the law enforcement community as far as the public is concerned. This impostor is going to encounter a CCP one day who isn't going to be so willing to submit to his tactics. The more I think about this the more I have doubts about the validity of this guy's story.

  • leo-nc Mar 28, 2012

    Bartmeister, interesting story. That isn't the ONLY thing I'm talking about. Each situation requires sounds judgement. Obviously the police officer who tried to pull you over didn't use sound judgement. Reminds me of the Trooper who chased the police officer in Florida, both in marked vehicles. It was stupid. She knew where he worked and they could have taken care of it without BOTH of them driving like a bet out of heck. I would not have questioned your actions in that situation. Firstly, it's wrong of the officer to attempt a stop in an area like that. I always wait until I have a nice open area to stop a car so if the guy doesn't stop, then I know something is possibly wrong. Again, each situation is different. He made the wrong judgement call and I appreciate you at least being open to the fact that not every officer is like this. Don't worry about Hans. He's the black helicopter type. There is a conspiracy theory for everything in his mind.

  • Bartmeister Mar 28, 2012

    @ pilotterror1 - all in all............about $700. It was actually a quick and clean process once we got in front of the judge. Like I said, they get no donations til the cost is paid back. And I tell them each time they call me to express their appreciation for our past support, that they are still paying me back but to call next year! I've also written a letter to the Chief and local council as well. Hey, it's small but it's my little movement for the average little guy!!!!

  • Bartmeister Mar 28, 2012

    @Hans - I still think there are far more good LEO's than bad. It's just like plane crashes, you never hear about the thousands of safe flights each day but only the few that crash. This was a case of a valid LEO who just got caught up in his own ego. His temper, for me not immediately pulling over, got him in some hot water. His own commander told me personally that this should have never been an issue much less gone to court. As a result of lawyer fees and other costs of this incident, I have cancelled my annual donations to this jurisdiction until such time as the cost to me is paid in full. We used to contribute generously to their funds multiple times a year, but until they are paid up, no more donations! So in the end, the jurisdiction is paying for it. We still give to the FD in their efforts.

  • technetium9 Mar 28, 2012

    Ohio has the right idea, only marked units with roof mounted light bars are allowed to pull over cars. bet that would make the NC LEO Grifters cry.

  • piloterror1 Mar 28, 2012

    yeah. and it STILL cost you how much for a lawyer??? cops....

  • Hans Mar 28, 2012

    "t showed no where to pull over except where I turned in, and I was traveling well UNDER the speed limit (posted 35). Needless to say it was thrown out and when I left the judge was still chewing the LEO out for his bone head stunt." - Bartmeister

    More evidence of the out of control nature of cops. Glad the judge set him straight. What he should have been is fired. And the thing is, it's behavior like this on the part of the cops that make it possible for impersonators to rob, rape and murder someone. People think they need to immediately stop or they're going to get in "trouble" when they see that flashing blue light. Just another example of how LEOs do NOT care about the safety of the public.

  • Bartmeister Mar 28, 2012

    "and then slowly make your way to wherever you want, you're going to find yourself on a felony stop with about 10 patrol cars behind you."

    He's right, it happened to me. 2 lane state road, nowhere to pullover due to a wall on one side, ditch and trees on the other side. Drove less than 1/2 mile with turn signal on, turned at first road. Was pulled out and cuffed, told I was evading a police officer at a high rate of speed...FELONY. 6 other cops flew in like I was John Dillinger. Went to court, DA painted me as a fleeing felon. Never been arrested in my life, nothing more than 3 or 4 traffic tickets. They played the video from the police cruiser. It showed no where to pull over except where I turned in, and I was traveling well UNDER the speed limit (posted 35). Needless to say it was thrown out and when I left the judge was still chewing the LEO out for his bone head stunt.

  • leo-nc Mar 27, 2012

    "And it's a day the person they pull over may never see their families again - as is becoming far too increasingly common. "---

    Prove it, Hans. Let go of the black helicopters and show us some data. We are all waiting