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Fake $100 bill found in Salvation Army kettle

Posted December 9, 2008

— Excitement among staff at the Salvation Army of Greensboro quickly turned to disappointment when workers discovered a phony $100 bill among their kettle collection.

“Whenever we receive $100 bills, there’s a big woo-hoo among staff,” Maj. Paul B. Egan, a corps officer, said.

After realizing the bill was a fake, Egan planned to keep it as a strange souvenir. He hopes to see its value replaced in the kettle drive.

The Salvation Army expects to collect more than $200,000 this holiday season around Greensboro.

The counterfeit is not the most unusual item to drop from the kettle at the end of a collection. The Salvation Army has seen buttons, batteries, foreign coins, stamps, slugs and Chuckie Cheese tokens.


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  • juliemc58 Dec 9, 2008

    I wonder if the contributor of the fake $100 knew it was fake. If she or she did know it was fake, this is as low as anyone can get. The Salvation Army is a wonderful organization. They help people and 100% of their contributions go to help others. I hope they meet their goal this year. Merry Christmas, everyone!

  • whatelseisnew Dec 9, 2008

    I usually just put food in the kettle. It is a kettle.

  • Timbo Dec 9, 2008

    Cheap. You can claim up to $500 of non-receipted donations on your itemized tax form.

  • bluebird1075 Dec 9, 2008

    Maybe they didn't know it was fake and thought they were doing a good thing.

  • RaleighMan Dec 9, 2008

    THAT'S where I left my pet slug! :-)

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Dec 9, 2008

    Now that's cold. But I did like the Chuck E. Cheese coins.

  • FireFaerie88 aka snugglebunny Dec 9, 2008

    Yeah, that cruel trick is almost as bad as using monopoly money at the strip club. What horrible, horrible people!

    Seriously, it was just a joke, have a sense of humor! You can't live life being so uptight.

  • Butterflies Dec 9, 2008

    How sad! Those volunteers are standing out there in the freezing cold, taking time out of their lives to help the less fortunate and someone has the nerve to put fake money in. Thats ridiculous and very very sad! What a cruel trick!