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Fair food vendors monitored strictly for visitor safety

Posted October 16, 2013
Updated October 17, 2013

From Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joes to deep fried Oreos to turkey legs, we all know the fair is really about the food.

However, plenty will ask: Is it safe?

Fair organizers expect about a million people to go to the fair over its 11 days of operation and most of those people will make at least one stop at a food vendor.

Wake County health inspectors have been scrambling to inspect the roughly 150 food stands and trucks to make sure they are following all the rules before the fair’s opening Thursday evening.{{embed hreg="blogpost-1"}}

Inspectors look at everything from water and sewer facilities to food storage and the temperatures of coolers and food warmers. They even check the cleanliness of light fixtures and tent tarps.

“We’re going to take a three-legged approach. The food is good, the folks are okay, and the facility has what it needs to maintain the food the way it should be,” Thomas Jumalon, a Wake County health inspector said.

Each food vendor will post a yellow permit in the window; mobile vendors do not have grade cards the way that restaurants do.

Also, two health inspectors will be present at the fair the entire time to continually check on things.

With the knowledge that the food is safe and the stands are strictly monitored, fair visitors can feel at ease when chowing down on their deep-fried concoctions.

Jumalon reminded fairgoers that it is up to them to monitor the fat and calories. “We’re not here to guard the fat. We’re here to guard the germs,” he said.

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  • 60000Feet Oct 17, 2013

    joeBob. The odds of finding salmonella or ecoli at your tailgate party is higher than the fair. No inspectors and no one complains if they have a rough night afterwards :)

  • joeBob Oct 17, 2013

    What are the odds on a salmonella or e coli out break this year? I say better than 50/50. I won't go near that part of town for 2 weeks.

  • busyb97 Oct 16, 2013

    You probably don't have to worry about the vendor themselves...its the stuff on their counter that is probably dirty. The ketchup/mustard container, the napkin container, the tables....

    carry lots of hand sanitizer! :)