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Fact check: State of the Union 2014

Posted January 29, 2014


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  • glarg Jan 29, 2014

    " they [illegal immigrants] make our country a more attractive place for businesses to locate and create jobs for everyone. So let’s get immigration reform done this year."

    So what is Obama's logic? Companies are "locating" (err was it 'relocating' on the teleprompter?) to the US because we have non-citizens here? You know who has an unlimited supply of non-US citizens- THE OTHER COUNTRIES!

    If its more 'attractive' for your business to have Mexican labor the best place to 'locate' is Mexico.

    Obama has given up trying to make any kind of sense that now things he can just say anything in a baritone "folks mumble mumble good jobs mumble mumble more to be done mumble unequal mumble mumble I I I me me me"

  • BBQCreek Jan 29, 2014

    Part of the people now enrolled in health care are those now 65 and covered by medicare in response to Obama's comments, just like the ones retired and not seeking jobs in the fact check for Republicans.

  • bbarbeau Jan 29, 2014

    Re: GOP Response: Jobs, you noted the responder didn't take into account all the Baby Boomers retiring, then turned around and "neglected" to state how many jobs have been LOST since Obama took office, which would off-set those noted as gained, a number which can't be verified or proven anyway.