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Explosion destroys home in Fayetteville, rattles neighborhood

Posted February 6, 2013

— Local, state and federal investigators are trying to determine what caused an explosion early Wednesday that destroyed a nearly 70-year-old wooden house southwest of Fayetteville.

Cumberland County explosion Images: Powerful explosion levels Fayetteville home

Emergency crews responded to the 3300 block of Cumberland Road around 1:30 a.m. after a Cumberland County sheriff's deputy patrolling the area reported the explosion.

Sheriff's Capt. Charles McLaurin said the cause of the blast has not been determined, but workers at the scene said they are looking at the possibility that a gas leak was to blame.

"The house was actually for sale and vacant at the time, so we're puzzled as to what would cause this explosion," Cumberland County sheriff's spokeswoman Debbie Tanna said.

Tanna said the deputy who witnessed the explosion caught it on the dashboard camera in his patrol car.

"He was so close that some of the debris was embedded in his car," she said.

The video has not been released and will be a part of the investigation by the State Bureau of Investigation and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Tanna said.

No one was hurt in the blast, which was heard as far as 2 miles away and hurled debris high into trees and across Cumberland Road. It also shattered windows and rocked foundations of more than a dozen neighboring homes. One house had its porch blown off.

Cumberland County explosion Sky5: Fayetteville home destroyed by explosion

Connie Blackmon, who lives near the home, said she heard a loud boom at the time of the explosion.

"The pictures were off the wall, the books fell off the shelves, the light fixture busted," Blackmon said. "It'll wake you up."

The explosion also caused traffic issues on Cumberland Road for most of the morning, but the road had reopened by early afternoon.


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  • bellangerc Feb 7, 2013

    morebadnews, Thank you for your post! People shouldnt judge or assume. seankelly15, the house has been pd off for many years. 2thec, you are correct, gas leaks happen & it is tragic, it doesn't mean people are trying to collect on ins. connieleigh4 & goalflinger, I assure you, this house had far more sentimental value than monetary value to my dad. In fact connieleigh4, it had just been put on the market & they had a prospective buyer coming that day. kellypsnll, it was a gas leak, not a meth lab & my father was there on Monday & there was no smell of gas. And scubagirl, my dad still worked at this 4 acre property tending to and keeping it up, almost daily. He’d go in to wash up, get out of the elements, or just to sit down & rest, so he kept the power on. He is 82 yrs old & works harder than most 20 yr olds. Thank you NCMom1 for your awareness and post! Most people looking at property do want to know the utilities are in working order. Hope this clarifies some of the speculation

  • goalflinger Feb 7, 2013

    Check and see whos name the insurance was in. ....just a thought.

  • bombayrunner Feb 6, 2013


  • kellypsnll Feb 6, 2013

    Gas leak or meth lab. We'll find out soon enough. I would think if it was a gas leak, there would be the tell tale sign of vapors to be smelt.

  • heidione40 Feb 6, 2013

    In the same area this week there was a woods/field fire and an incident of a stolen car full of bullet holes set on fire by the bridge down from this house. Area seems to have too much going on.

  • morebadnews Feb 6, 2013

    seankelly15 just because the house was for sale doesn't make a difference either way if it was for sale or not.....

  • morebadnews Feb 6, 2013

    Connieleigh4 don't judge

  • connieleigh4 Feb 6, 2013

    sounds like to me someone is trying to collect insurance on a house that wouldn't sell in a timely manner!

  • RadioDJ Feb 6, 2013

    Oh, and Scuba girl, the gas lines terminate at a meter at the home. So while the gas line going inside the home can be off, there remains a live gas line coming up directly to the home itself, and there might be other lines buried on the property, or it could be from any number of other chemicals which might have been stored at the home. Propane tanks inside, just about anything. But my guess is that this is a government conspiracy against vacant homes and there is a hit list of homes scheduled for drone strikes.

  • NCMom1 Feb 6, 2013

    Scubagirl, You have to keep the power and utilities on during the sale so that the house can be shown and inspections done.

    When I was house hunting the only time I saw a house that did not have all utilities on was one that was selling "as is"