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Ex-Wolfpack player faces drug trafficking charges

Posted January 15, 2009

— A former North Carolina State University football player has been charged with cocaine trafficking, police said.

Tyler Stacy Lawrence, 38, was charged with three counts of trafficking in cocaine and one count each of possession of cocaine and marijuana with intent to manufacture, sell or deliver and maintaining a vehicle for the sale or distribution of drugs. He was being held Thursday in the Durham County Jail under an $885,000 bond.

Lawrence was arrested Wednesday in the parking lot of Woodcroft Shopping Center, at 4711 Hope Valley Road.

He was a linebacker at N.C. State from 1990 to 1993 and played with the New York Giants in 1995.


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  • sittingbackrelaxed Jan 15, 2009

    People need to understand that when you play athletics at a major college you are held to a certain standard that seems to follow you for the rest of your life as it is considered an accomplishment. As he played professional football as well, it seems doubly so - the bar for him is set even higher. As an athlete you represent your school and you know that while people like to read the "good stuff" that you accomplish on the field, they love the "bad stuff" even more. Many kids grow up wanting to become college/pro athletes as they're our idols, but it's unfortunate that some of them tarnish the reputation of the good. It's our own creation that we placed them (athletes)in such high regard instead of all the ordinary people, but that's America for you. Gotta love it . . .

  • idareyou55 Jan 15, 2009

    Good luck with your prison league football....;)

  • justlistentome Jan 15, 2009

    Obviously this story--and the headline--was written by a UNC fan

  • beargirl Jan 15, 2009

    Give me a break! This guy is 38 years old!! Where he went to school doesn't mean anything! Why not report where he went to elementary school!
    Shame on you WRAL. Very disappointing.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Jan 15, 2009

    This is the 2nd ex-NC State Athlete in two days to have issues with the law. But this one is totally ridiculous. The Headline should NOT have mentioned NC State as he hasn't had anything to do with NC State in 16 or so years. I didn't attend school at NC State. But since I attended some games at NC State, if I get in trouble, the Headline should read, "Ex-NC State Fan is Arrested for Jaywalking". This report is nothing less than slanderous to NC State when they have NOTHING to do with this crime.

  • chivegas Jan 15, 2009

    Wow. Someone at WRAL should be fired for this one. This is quite possibly the dumbest reporting I've ever seen. A ex-football player from 16 years ago! Come on. You should fire the person for wasting the time to lookup where this guy went to college. Seriously, do another stupid bit on Bev Perdue or something.

  • Pack92 Jan 15, 2009

    Wow! The fact that he played at State, 3 coaches and 18 years ago, is important? King Rice beat the fool out of his girlfriend in Chapel Hill but nobody cares about that anymore either!

  • floseh Jan 15, 2009

    Why do reporters only do stories on bad things? When is the last time we've been the reciepants of good news in any form? Something to think about.

    The Floseh

  • scorekeep Jan 15, 2009

    Brilliant reporting using the athletic headline. He hasn't played for 15 years!!!!!!

  • iron fist Jan 15, 2009

    If the headline read ex-giant player it would not be local news. Not as much interest (if there is any) except for the fact he played at NCSU