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Ex-Rep. Wright appeals second conviction

Posted November 16, 2009

— Two weeks after the North Carolina Court of Appeals upheld a fraud conviction against former Rep. Thomas Wright, his attorneys were back before the court Monday appealing a second conviction.

The Wilmington Democrat is serving a 70- to 95-month prison term on charges of obtaining property by false pretense for mishandling charity contributions and obstruction of justice for failing to report $150,000 in campaign contributions.

Wright's attorney argued Monday that filing false campaign reports didn't amount to obstruction because there was no criminal investigation of him at the time. An attorney for the state disagreed, saying the ex-lawmaker knowingly tried to deceive the public.

Prior to his criminal trials, Wright was expelled from the state House for ethics violations. He was the first lawmaker tossed out of the General Assembly since the 1880s.


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  • james27613 Nov 17, 2009

    if he is in prison, he can't perform his duty in the legislature so he is kicked out. He could have resigned but he did not.

  • james27613 Nov 17, 2009

    Convict Wright should have considered the consequences of his actions before chose to take the wrong path.

    His convictions should stand.

  • wildcat Nov 17, 2009

    He don't like the prison life and doing everything he can to get out. I don't belive it will work and he is going to have to do his time. Poor thing.

  • alx Nov 17, 2009

    Im sure the people of new hanover county must be really proud

  • gov watchdog Nov 17, 2009

    Don't know about racism. Meg Scott Phipps (D), Jim Black (D), and POSSIBLY Mike Easley (D) in jail. Hmmm, what is the common denominator here?

    And let's not forget the general lying and hypocrisy of John Edwards (D).

    NC Dems have so much to be proud of.

  • alx Nov 17, 2009

    DrJ makes a good point

  • DrJ Nov 17, 2009

    You folks don't read so good. The racism here is the Democrat lawmakers kicking a black Democrat colleague out of their "club." Getting kicked out of the General Assembly is an entirely different issue from being sent to prison by the legal system.

    Jim Black was a criminal through and through, and he had far more offenses than Mr. Wright. So why didn't Wright get kicked out of the General Assembly?? Because his white Democrat buddies wouldn't do that to one of their own.

    Democrats tell everybody they support the black man when they want his vote. But the reality couldn't be any clearer than (Jim) Black and white.

  • littleriver69 Nov 17, 2009

    Plain and simply a crook.

  • Eduardo1 Nov 17, 2009

    jackaroo2....no need to say you are sorry to DrJ, who appears to be a racist. His remarks scream of racism. I do not know or care what his color is except his remarks are off base. Corruption knows no color line other the "greed-green", and Jackaeoo2, points out how the white Jim Black is paying the price. FYI 126 politicians in NJ in the past 6 months have been indicted for corruption, all Democrats, 123 were white, 1 hispanic, 2 black, where is the racism?

  • jrfergerson Nov 17, 2009

    Now that Tony Rand, is leaving the Legislature by the end of the year to become chairman of the state parole commission, perhaps Wright might get paroled along with others heading that way. This appointment is a true let me help my buddies one.