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Ex-postal worker nabbed for fraud on 'Price is Right' gets probation

Posted September 11, 2013
Updated September 12, 2013

— A former Fayetteville postal carrier who pleaded guilty to worker's compensation fraud after being spotted on "The Price is Right" game show was sentenced Wednesday to three years on probation.

Cathy Wrench Cashwell claimed she injured her shoulder on the job in 2004, which prevented her from lifting mail trays into a postal truck, and she collected worker's compensation for the injury.

Cashwell's claim was called into question, however, during a September 2009 appearance on "The Price is Right," when she was able to spin the "big wheel" twice, according to a federal indictment.

The indictment also alleged that Cashwell and her husband went on a zipline as part of a Carnival Cruise vacation and that she was seen lifting and carrying furniture and bags of groceries on two different occasions in 2011.

She pleaded guilty to fraud in June.


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  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Sep 20, 2013

    The dumb never learn, do they?

  • nuts4u Sep 13, 2013

    I am sure that there are many more doing the very same thing. They are smart enough to stay off TV. I am so glad she was caught. More companies should do more checking on things like this.

  • swray001 Sep 12, 2013

    Some of the smaller post offices should be closed. One that i have been to recently has at least one employee, that should be fired. She acted as though she was doing you a favor to help the customers.

  • lorawatson Sep 12, 2013

    So she was sentenced to probation, was she also required to pay back all of the money she received in workers compensation.

  • foodstamptrader Sep 12, 2013

    "..unlike the usps which must charge what congress says they may charge to deliver corporate welfare" - rushbot

    On this point I agree. The junkmail and unsolicited corporate mailing is subsidized waste.

    However, without the corporate junkmail volume the USPS would be a shadow of itself, and would require downsizing to be even remotely viable. They encourage and subsidize the junkmail to support their revenues and keep their union employees on the payroll.

    The whole thing needs to be severely downsized, wages reduces, benefits cut and facilities closed. It's a mess as it is and things are only going to get worse as snail mail declines further.

    At least my bennies come on EBT cards now, don't need the PO to get my "paycheck" - you know, the one you pay for. Thanks....

  • Go Lee County Sep 12, 2013

    i know several people thats doing this

  • HockeyPlayerX Sep 12, 2013

    "goodness hockeyplayerx..you sound awfully judgemental.." ... oh good, I wasn't sure I was making it clear enough.

  • junkmail5 Sep 12, 2013

    The USPS long ago stopped being a legitimate service provider, and became a union job bank. They are HUGELY overstaffed, but cannot make labor force decisions because the unions and political patrons protect the bloat. Bottom line is the taxpayers gets stuck with the tab- foodstamptrader

    Except the USPS has not directly received taxpayer-dollars since the early 1980s with the minor exception of subsidies for costs associated with the disabled and overseas voters.

    The main reason they're even in any trouble NOW is that Congress required them to pre-fund the next 75 years of retiree benefits... something nobody else in or out of government has to do.

    They're literally putting away billions to cover employees who haven't even been born yet.

  • 678devilish Sep 12, 2013

    When you do a criminal activity, please don't go on TV. Glad they caught her.

  • rushbot Sep 12, 2013

    foodstamptrader,sir or ma'am, you are once again totally wrong in your posting of 1408..the reason the post office loses money is the corporate welfare it hands out to business for their mailing..if fedex and ups and dhl were required to deliver the absolute garbage that shows up in my mailbox from bidnesses advertising their stuff and if the feds told them what the max price they could charge to deliver the welfare offerings, they also would not be nearly as profitable..they are able to cherry pick the premium deliveries..unlike the usps which must charge what congress says they may charge to deliver corporate welfare..and btw..you should stop trading foodstamps..it is illegal...