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Ex-police officer charged with rape

Posted December 8, 2011

— A Pinehurst man who worked for two police departments in Moore County faces rape charges, a state Department of Justice spokeswoman said Wednesday.

A grand jury on Monday indicted Travis Baker, 32, on charges of second-degree rape, second-degree sexual offense, two counts of sexual battery, crimes against nature and obstruction of justice. Justice department spokeswoman Noelle Talley said the alleged rape occurred on Aug. 16 but declined to release more details.

Baker was fired from his position as an officer with the Robbins Police Department on Monday, Town Manager George Hayfield said. He had been hired by the department in July.

Baker was also indicted Monday in connection with his work at the Carthage Police Department, Talley said.

In that separate case, he faces five counts each of identity theft, unauthorized access of a government computer and obstruction of justice. Talley said the alleged offenses occurred in March.

State Bureau of Investigation agents arrested Baker Tuesday. He has been released from the Moore County jail after posting a $25,000 bond.


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  • Journey985 Dec 12, 2011

    Momof2: "there are bad apples in every profession. Excellent background checks (with lots of digging...not just running a name through a computer), is the best defense against hiring dips like this guy." I am REALLY getting tired of people using this excuse to justuify a corrupt, sick LEO's actions. He not only broke the law and trust of the people he was SWORN to protect, but he did so in an unforgivable way..taking away a womans diginity, violating her in the most offensive way possible, and your excuse is "there's bad apples in all professions" Seriously...wake up, what if it was you, or your mother, your sister or your daughter? You people making these lame excuses should be ashamed. And the final assault on the woman...a $25K bond for a crime that for the general public would result in a tremendous bond!!! Please, do not tell me there is not a THICK blue line at work here!

  • love2dostuff Dec 9, 2011

    It'll be interesting to follow this story and see what happens to this guy. Ten to one he won't do any time and won't have to register as a sex offender. Remember the orange county hp who was sexually assaulting women at traffic stops? He was discharged and charged with "simple assault".....three months probation and didn't have to register as a sex offender. Why? He was a cop.

    Make an example of this guy and restore the public faith in due process.

  • Mom2two Dec 9, 2011

    there are bad apples in every profession. Excellent background checks (with lots of digging...not just running a name through a computer), is the best defense against hiring dips like this guy.

  • crustyhalo Dec 9, 2011

    dollibug...then you give grandmom's and mom's(like myself) a bad name. I hope for the sake of the children..you do not spew your illerate slander's this way in front of them. You seem like a very "bad influence", and I am willing to bet you have spent your share of time on the NC Court Dockets.

  • bubbba Dec 9, 2011

    Duke _Nukem
    I didnt say they was all corrupt, just never met one that wasnt.
    Glad I made you laugh. Have a great day!

  • dollibug Dec 9, 2011

    "Thank you for further diminishing the public's faith in LEOs."

    are you saying this shouldn't be reported? just sweep it under the rug and act like it never happened? refuse to recognize that many cops are just as corrupt as the rest of society (or even moreso)?

    Actually....you might be quite SURPRISED at just HOW MUCH GETS SWEPT UNDER THE RUG....and never surfaces....I know, for a fact, that in Guilford County, a sheriff's deputy stood guard while people BROKE INTO and STOLE ITEMS OUT OF A HOUSE...and then would NOT acknowledge that this had been done...it was ALL COVERED UP...and the person who did it...admitted it to an attorney, an estate attorney, and nothing was DONE ABOUT IT...as you said, it was all just swept right under the RUG...but you know...what goes around comes around...Their son is now spending time in the Prison...so everyone should be careful...as the words they speak..never know which ones you'll eat...

  • hellorhighwaters Dec 9, 2011

    I have not been in any trouble (my whole life). But I do know that alot of police do stuff that us normal folks go to jail for. I had a relative that 'was' on the police force; who along with other officers would smoke dope, speed up and down the streets for no apparent reason, lie to make arrest; and got away with it for years.
    You are right....its laughable, to think that such goings on are still happening in todays society; but it happens.
    So don't 'you' judge us ordinary citizens to quick.
    Alot of bad people sometimes slip through the cracks and get hired by PD. Just like bad lawyers, doctors, nurses sometimes slip through the cracks. So do police officers. You got good ones and you got bad ones. That's the way of the world.

  • cwood3 Dec 9, 2011

    Bully with a uniform-great!! Who made that hire??

  • dollibug Dec 9, 2011

    CORRUPTION AND COVER UPS...all over AMERICA...and the Judicial System sucks....

  • dollibug Dec 9, 2011


    In court once . No evidence, no bloodtest, nothing but my word against a lying cop. As God as my witness the judge sided with the cop who called me dirty and nasty. I know there are plenty of good cops out there, I just never met one.

    Yep....I understand and believe you on this one....(you might want to read my comment to Duke Nukem)......