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Ex-lottery commissioner to get fine refunded

Posted July 12, 2010

— A former North Carolina lottery commissioner was who released from prison last month following a U.S. Supreme Court ruling will get a refund of the fine he paid as part of his conviction.

Kevin Geddings was found guilty in 2006 of honest services mail fraud for not disclosing his financial ties to a company that was expected to bid for North Carolina's lottery business.

The U.S. Supreme Court struck down parts of that law last month, ruling that criminal convictions are valid only in cases where bribes or kickbacks are involved, and not merely conflicts of interest.

Geddings was serving a four-year sentence at the federal prison in Jesup, Ga.,and was released on June 30, hours after a federal judge ordered his release because of the court ruling. He had been due to complete his prison term in December.

Federal prosecutors have stated that they believe Geddings' conviction should be vacated, which would entitle him to be paid back the $25,000 in fine he was assessed when he was sentenced.


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  • Tarheelfan13 Jul 12, 2010

    "Roy Cooper, did you collect his DNA? Better hurry before his conviction goes completely away. Hurry! You need to build your million dollar DNA database."

    Roy Cooper is not a federal official. This was federal conviction/matter and not a state conviction/matter.

  • the people Jul 12, 2010

    Education Lottery it is called but who is getting the most benefit??? Big wheel lottery folks ,connected to who???? Politics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who is gettin educated now,feel it???? Who voted for this see who they represnt!!!!

  • the people Jul 12, 2010

    Let them all out they don't recall!!!!! Did not under stand it was wrong,they did not know!!!! NOt guilty!!!!! The drunk did not know either he was too drunk,he did not know he was driving ,but he was just as drunk!!!!! He did not know!!!!!!

  • Raleigh Boys Jul 12, 2010

    Roy Cooper, did you collect his DNA? Better hurry before his conviction goes completely away. Hurry! You need to build your million dollar DNA database.

  • nighttrain2010 Jul 12, 2010

    >>The law is what it is. These things happen

    No. In this case it was the dealings between a private company lobbyist and a state government. This loser received $250,000 questionably and Jim Black received a bribe for which he still sits in jail. This was not 'conflict of interest'. This was corruption and nothing but. The Supreme Court has effectively opened up the corruption floodgates and every politician, lobbyist, hanger on, etc. will now claim 'but I didn't know...'

    And for his actions, the state of North Carolina and its citizenry is poorer. Course considering the way we're going economically, maybe next year's tax refund will be paid in lottery tickets.

  • dbcooper41 Jul 12, 2010

    amazing how quickly justice works!, when you're politically well connected. my guess is they give him interest on his fine too.
    the mob has always run lotteries and it's no different today.

  • illegals--GO HOME Jul 12, 2010

    The only reason they have voted to ban the sweepstakes games is because they don't want the competition to the lottery. What they should have done was tax it to help balance the state budget. But, I guess our "educated politicians" could see the forest for the trees!!!

  • jurydoc Jul 12, 2010

    This was a US Supreme Court ruling striking down the part of the law that this man was convicted and sentenced under. It had nothing to do with "good 'ol boy NC politics." The law is what it is. These things happen. What's amazing is how quickly he was released. When other court rulings apply to other inmates it can be weeks, months or even years until they are released.

  • GWALLY Jul 12, 2010

    The good ol' boy network still alive and well in NC!!!! and you wanted change...haw, haw, haw!!!!!! Remember we have the "education" lottery.....are you FINALLY educated enough?????

  • WHEEL Jul 12, 2010

    Who's going to give him his time back?