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Ex-high school band director faces sex charges

Posted March 24, 2010

— A former band director at West Johnston High School was charged late Tuesday with sexually exploiting a student while at the school, authorities said.

Mitchell Lance Britt, 38, was arrested in Bethlehem, Pa., where he recently moved. He was charged with first-degree sexual exploitation of a minor and sexual offense with a student. Warrants have been issued charging him with four more counts of first-degree sexual exploitation of a minor and three more counts of sexual offense with a student.

Authorities said Britt had sex with at least one 17-year-old student and took explicit pictures of the student. The alleged activities occurred between October and December 2008, according to arrest warrants, and authorities said they took place at school and at Britt's former residence in Four Oaks.

The Johnston County Sheriff's Office began looking into allegations against Britt last month, and Sheriff Steve Bizzell said the FBI is assisting in the case because investigators believe some of the alleged crimes occurred out of state during school band events.

Britt resigned from West Johnston High last November after seven years at the school.


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  • OHn8tive Mar 24, 2010

    "Everyone screams bloody murder about the Catholic Church abuse scandal - NOTHING NEAR the problems faced by our schools. And, when I volunteered for my parish, I had to apply for criminal background check - not so at public schools.
    Johnston County requires ALL volunteers to undergo a background check.

  • oleguy Mar 24, 2010

    Please forgive me, He knew better But a 17 year old, I guess it was a girl could be a big temptation, If it was a boy may they both rot in someplace,, Teenage girls can be a big pain, I know I raised one, You must keep the upper hand, and also show all the guys coming around your GUN. I did it more than once but you know it worked. Had one too show up with the hay pops watzup, I said hay dude how about a beer, he said cool, (he was 17) I droped kicked his But right out the door didnt even get to show him my gun. AHH all is well, Daughter Graduated Med school Got grandsons life is cool.

  • leo-nc Mar 24, 2010

    "yep golo is still here still judgeing and knowing nothing love reading it"---

    Care to explain?

  • itsmyownopinion Mar 24, 2010

    "What makes a young man or young lady get involved with a female or male instructor, director, teacher or any other staff adult when they are old enough to be that young man or young lady's mother or father. Seem like there may be some mental issues laying here." Wildcat

    A predator. @@ Do you think rape victims are responsible for being raped? Who has mental issues? Reading these comments is giving me blood pressure issues.

  • woodrowboyd2 Mar 24, 2010

    yep golo is still here
    still judgeing and knowing nothing
    love reading it

  • johck Mar 24, 2010

    One last thing, NOT that I am passing blame on the student, but at age 17, I was VERY aware of what I was doing and wanted. HOWEVER, the teacher is the one who should remain the professional in all of this. Just wondering why it took sooo long to come out. DID the student get mad cause someone else came into the picture and finally told??? One more year and he would have been 18 (an adult). BUT i do worry that there might be others out there besides this one isolated incident. Still stunned. WOW

  • Prancy Mar 24, 2010

    I realize this may sound bad, but I wonder if the timing of the report is due to her getting ready to file a civil action for damages against the school. I think there's a good possiblity. Maybe she realized she could recover money because of what happened.

  • itsmyownopinion Mar 24, 2010

    "...A child raised properly would resist and not "lead-on" an adult in this manner. I'm not putting the blame on these underage kids. ..."

    I'm seeing some really ignorant comments on here, but so far this caps it. What is wrong with you people? Put the blame squarely where it belongs -- on the adult.

  • enjoytheride2011 Mar 24, 2010

    Nothing is wrong with all of the band programs in Johnston County. Don't let two people's mistakes cause you to make hasty generalizations about ALL band programs in Johnston County.

  • itsmyownopinion Mar 24, 2010

    "Although this is a bad situation - let's all remember the whole innocent until proven guilty thing. I knew this man and had complete trust with having my children around him. He was a wonderful mentor to my kids. I hope he did not use such poor judgement as to be involved with a 17 year old, but if he did I trust that the judicial system will handle it appropriately."

    I hate to break it to you, but I know people who went to their graves thinking as you do, not knowing their own child was a victim of one such "mentor."