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Ex-Goldsboro officer charged with rape

Posted September 10, 2009

— A former Goldsboro police officer was arrested Thursday and charged with a series of sexual assaults that occurred between 1995 and 2000, police said.

Walter Finley Jr., 40, of 1103 Edgerton St., was charged with one count of first-degree rape and three counts of first-degree sexual offense. He was being held Thursday in the Wayne County Jail under a $1 million bond.

Finley was an officer with the Goldsboro Police Department from 1993 to 1999, when he resigned, police said. Some of the alleged incidents with which he is charged occurred during that period, but police said there was no evidence that any crimes were committed while he was on duty.

All of the alleged victims are acquaintances of Finley, police said. No other details of the alleged incidents were released.


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  • exwife1956 Sep 10, 2009

    Another one with a badge that thought he was above the law....

  • gandalla Sep 10, 2009

    Wow, I guess anyone can be a police officer, no matter who sick they are. An investigation should be done by the SBI to see if the Police Department had any idea about his after hour acvities and failed to do anything about them.

  • doubletap357 Sep 10, 2009

    psychiatry is not really an exact science. More like an educated guess. Just because the guy is a rapist doesn't mean he's not intelligent enough to know how to give the appropriate answers on a psychiatric exam.

  • AnotherIgnoredComment Sep 10, 2009

    Psych exam is a joke, answer some questions, go in and say you want to help people...boom, done, waste of money.
    Just so if some cop goes off, which does happen every now and then, you can say you did everything you could to make sure they were normal

  • Pharmboy Sep 10, 2009

    Prison has there own set of laws. A dirty cop and rapist puts him in the bottom of the food chain. Enjoy a living hell, you deserve it.

  • R_U_breakdance fighting Sep 10, 2009

    ...another one bites the dust!

  • Journey985 Sep 10, 2009

    Wow, While I know he is no LONGER an officer, some of these incidents occured WHILE he WAS an officer!! Has to make you wonder how these people pass psych exams!! I actually agree with Racecard Balker...enjoy prison buddy!!

  • AnotherIgnoredComment Sep 10, 2009

    Enjoy prison, nothing worse than a dirty cop, especially a worthless rapist