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Ex-Congressman: Accused killer wrote campaign checks to himself

Posted April 26, 2013

Jamie Hahn

— Former Congressman Brad Miller said Friday that his campaign bank account has been frozen after it was determined that the man charged with killing a former campaign aide this week was writing checks to himself.

Jamie Hahn, 29, died at WakeMed Hospital on Wednesday morning, two days after she was stabbed in her north Raleigh home.

Raleigh police say Jonathan Wayne Broyhill, a longtime friend of Hahn and her husband, Nation Hahn, stabbed the couple at their 1705 Tealwood Place home. Nation Hahn, 27, was treated at WakeMed and released.

Police haven't said what might have led to the stabbings, but Miller said campaign attorney John Wallace began asking questions about campaign finances last week after finding a letter about problems on the Federal Elections Commission's website.

Jamie Hahn founded political fundraising firm Sky Blue Strategies and was hired by Miller in 2010 to work on his campaign. Broyhill was a firm employee and managed the campaign's finances.

After combing through hundreds of pages of records, WRAL News identified nearly $20,000 in what appear to be fictitious expenditures – campaign checks that Broyhill reported sending to people who say they never received them.

Checks totaling nearly $16,000 were reported as refunds to five donors in April 2012. All five donors have confirmed they never received the money.

Another $3,000 in phantom checks were written to two political committees and the North Carolina Museum of Art. Those, too, were never received.

Miller said Wednesday that Jamie Hahn recently learned of issues with Broyhill's management and had planned to ask him to hand over the campaign's checks and bank records. Miller said then he didn't know if that conversation ever happened.

Jamie Hahn's stepfather, Marion Funderburk, told WRAL News on Thursday that she did confront Broyhill about financial irregularities in the campaign.

"Jamie was suspicious of him embezzling money," Funderburk said. "She had a talk with him, and apparently he just lost it."

Congressman Brad Miller Brad Miller's campaign account frozen during investigation

Miller said he reviewed the campaign books at PNC Bank on Friday. The account has a negative balance, with at least two checks to vendors bouncing in the last three weeks, he said.

As of the campaign's latest report, filed on April 15, the campaign reported having a balance of $62,914.52.

"It does appear that Jon simply wrote checks to himself," Miller said. "Right now, the bank account is evidence in a murder investigation. We told them to put a red flag on the account and shut it down."

Police also have a search warrant to access email accounts for Broyhill and Jamie Hahn, he said.

The campaign was spending tens of thousands of dollars a month last year, even after Miller announced he would not run for re-election.

"I was aware the campaign was spending far more money that it should have. I was asking them to figure out how to ratchet that down," he said Miller. "I thought the campaign was in hibernation. It was inactive."

Because Broyhill worked for Hahn's firm Sky Blue Strategies, and not the Miller campaign, there would have been no reason for the campaign to have been writing checks to Broyhill directly. 

"We obviously will do a very thorough investigation of our books and will be filing amended (campaign finance) reports for at least five quarters as soon as the police release the accounts," he said.

WRAL News also learned Friday that Broyhill has had a history of money problems. Eight years ago, he filed for bankruptcy after running up more than $32,400 in debt, mostly through charge cards and payday loans. He was 23 years old at the time. 

It's unclear if Jamie Hahn knew about his past money problems when she hired him.

Broyhill, 31, is recovering at WakeMed from injuries that police say were self-inflicted. He is charged with murder and assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury.

Broyhill's family has declined to comment.


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  • rroadrunner99 Apr 29, 2013

    It seems there's a rotten apple in the barrel since it took someone getting killed for this money being taken being brought out int othe light of day. Now I wonder why hasn't the powers in Raleigh opened an investigation of Brad Miller and his campaign to see just how ALL of his campaign money was spent? What's the hold up?

  • delilahk2000 Apr 29, 2013


  • baldchip Apr 29, 2013

    Still makes one wonder about how deep EX-Congressman Miller is involved.

    Miller did not have enough stones to run against ex Federal DA Frank Holding. Miller did think he was justified in receiving his salary several years ago when most other Congressmen where not over gov't finances.

    IE-Miller is just a looser along with some of those who worked for him!

  • babedan Apr 29, 2013

    exteacher, Miller never said he had reported this to the police, I came to the same conclusion as goobnav. Where did Miller say he had taken this to the police to investigate? He didn't he implied the investigation was internal. There is more to this than we know right now. It could get real interesting in the future when people start fighting for their lives.

  • Southern Girl Apr 26, 2013

    And...nobody knew this until somebody is murdered? Explain how this could be.

  • exteacher Apr 26, 2013

    Goobnav: How in the world did you JUMP to all those crazy conclusions based on this article? Seems you are really reaching to try and tie everyone up in this and accuse Brad Miller of being involved. Wow!! Hope you have your tin foil hat on!!!

  • goobnav Apr 26, 2013

    Nice try Brad,

    Bad news, he can still testify that he was under orders to take that money. The fact that another person in the same campaign was "discovering" the "embezellment" after the fact and was ready to spill it and is taken out by said person.

    Yeah, that says a lot about EX-Congressman Miller and the people he had around him.

    Too bad, she had to suffer for the crimes of these political fools and the tattered webs they weaved. A throuogh investigation?

    Sounds like one was done and information was about to come out and now we won't the true results due to this person's repugnant actions. Can't wait for Brad to try and distance himself from this like he has done with everything had never done.

  • racheliza Apr 26, 2013

    Sooo when is Broyhill going to be released from the hospital so they can charge him???

  • Obamacare survives Apr 26, 2013

    Duh, I could have told you that.