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Ex-coach pleads guilty to student sex crime

Posted May 12, 2009

— A former Louisburg High School coach has been placed on probation for having a sexual relationship with a student.

James Collier, 40, of 401 W. Noble St., Louisburg, pleaded guilty Monday to taking indecent liberties with a student. He coached Louisburg High's football and was the school's athletic director until he resigned in December.

The 17-year-old female student is pregnant, but no one has confirmed that Collier is the father of the child.

The girl's parents requested that Collier receive a suspended sentence and be allowed to remain in contact with their daughter, Assistant Franklin County District Attorney Annette Sellars said.

During a January court hearing, the parents told a judge that their daughter was depressed, wasn't eating well and wasn't taking prescribed prenatal vitamins. At the time, the judge deemed contact with Collier to be in the best interests of the girl and her unborn child.


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  • Jh5230 May 14, 2009

    He is 40!!! Unbelievable. I am sure the girl Is a mess; she is 17, pregnant, probably feeling ashamed, and her parents just (or maybe not) found out she's dating a teacher!!! What's wrong with people?

  • awomnsptofview May 13, 2009

    This is absolutely ridiculous. Because she is pregnant, as a child I might add, the Parents, are now the judge. Shame on all of them.

  • anonemoose May 13, 2009

    At least they learned from their last mistake when a confessed, written and signed confessed, illegal invader child rapist was allowed to plead guilty to misdemeanor assault on a female. This time they actually got a felony plea.

    Next time they may actually get them 14 days in the county jail.

  • the JETHROSEXUAL May 13, 2009

    wierd.....just wierd

  • monamay225 May 13, 2009

    What about the next teacher that will do the same thing and gets convicted and goes to prison? How does this look to everyone? Maybe it now is ok to do this to our students? Seems as if the judge in this case thinks it is ok. HE SHOULD BE CONVICTED! What happens if this child is not his? Ever think about this?

  • Nancy May 13, 2009

    The parents were obviously not the best in this situation. For several reasons I can see.

  • Professor May 13, 2009

    Call it "legalized stalking" the judge must be insane.

    maybe the judge is a child abuser and he needs checking out. In this day one can never second guess anyone.

  • aintbackingdwn May 13, 2009

    Call it "legalized stalking" the judge must be insane.

  • Professor May 13, 2009

    father as wonderful as mine.

    What an insult to this young lady. I guess your "daddy" never taught you how to respect others and how to have passion for others too. You have a lot to learning and growing up to do. Lord help you to get there.

  • Professor May 13, 2009

    every girl doesnt have a father as wonderful as mine.

    What an excuse. She had males around her. By the way, your father was not all of that. Check him out and you will see for yourself. The coach was wrong wrong and you know it.