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Ex-band director pleads guilty to sex crime charges

Posted April 5, 2012

— A former band director at a Johnston County high school pleaded guilty Thursday to sex crime charges involving two students.

Mitchell Lance Britt was arrested two years ago on several charges, including first-degree sexual exploitation of a minor and sexual offense with a student.

He pleaded guilty under an Alford plea, in which a defendant maintains his innocence but admits it is in his best interest to enter a plea because there is sufficient evidence that could find him guilty.

He received 45 days in jail.

Britt resigned from West Johnston High Schol in Benson in November 2009 after seven years at the school.


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  • Mommason Apr 11, 2012

    "He received 45 days in jail." You have to be kidding me??? Someone can rob a gas station and spend years in jail but someone harms a child in such a way that their life will forever be changed and they get 45 days? Someone who abuses their authority/position, someone who should be taching and encouraging children uses his position to have this type of contact with children and gets 45 days??? HOW ON EARTH CAN THE JUSTICE/LEGAL SYSTEM GIVE 45 DAYS FOR THIS TYPE OF CRIME???

  • semh Apr 6, 2012

    I do blame the County and the schools ... lol you say not to blame them? Have you reported things to this county's school officials only to have NOTHING you said to them acted on? Only to find out 4 years later one of the teachers you reported has assaulted the students you were worried about to begin with? Once that happened to you and your kids ,,, then come and tell people not to blame the County. They to keep our kids safe AT ALL COST and THEY DO NOT. That is the real story here, and all this horrible abuse ,,, the poor victims and the families that are still being victimized - daily.

  • peppercorns Apr 6, 2012

    Don't blame Johnston County Schools!!!! Blame the individual who committed the crime. This could happen in any district..and it has. On a whole Johnston County is a better district because they don't bus their students under the guise of economic diversity so that they can get more federal funds. I moved away from the "Diversity" of wake County. I want my child to go to school with his or her neighbors. I don't care what color they are...if we live together we can go to school together, but don't put my child in the same class with a bunch of kids who mouthy ruffians.

  • dogluv3r Apr 6, 2012

    45 days? Are you kidding me? You get more time for possession of pot!!! Unbelievable. This man should be locked up for life, and he gets 45 days?

  • itsmyownopinion Apr 6, 2012

    In my opinion an Alford plea should not be an option in crimes against children, and 45 days is a smack in the face of justice.
    Shame on the court.

  • itsmyownopinion Apr 6, 2012

    Wonder if we'd be better off if the resources it takes to capture those voyeurs was put to better use capturing people who do actual harm?


    So you would feel no harm was done if your child was photographed and/or videoed in sex play and those photos or videos were distributed all over the internet to other perverts getting off on them?

  • girlwonders Apr 6, 2012

    And teenage boys get 12 -15 years for statutory rape...

  • PeaceRH Apr 5, 2012

    The fact that this happened two years ago just shows that sexual misconduct has be occurring for YEARS in Johnston County school at an alarming number! Terribly sad!!

  • semh Apr 5, 2012

    Actually this is NEW News as his plea was made today. Very current and news worthy as we should most defiantly see these cases right through to the end..... 45 days! No wonder they are all moving to this county! The day they post Canally's punishment (or lack thereof) it will also be CURRENT News --- this is going on everywhere, but seems very prominent in Johnston County? why? who is Hiring? who is accountable? where did our complaints go?

  • Rocknhorse Apr 5, 2012

    This is OLD news!! He was gone 2 years ago. This is just a recap of the older situation. It is NOT current news at that school.