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Error Delays Teachers' Paychecks

Posted July 13, 2007

— Pay up! That’s what some teachers are saying to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

Teachers under contract with the Virtual Public School said their checks are several weeks late. State officials acknowledged the checks are overdue, but said a scheduling error created the delay.

Officials said the checks will be cut Friday night. School representatives said they might re-structure the current contracts to avoid another delay.


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  • phoenixelon99 Jul 14, 2007

    Guys, don't forget that the NC Virtual Public School is out of the NC Department of Public Instruction, NOT Wake County Public Schools. They are two separate entities. If a head should roll, it should be at 302 N. Wilmington St.

  • NoToIllegals Jul 14, 2007

    School systems are so lawyered up it's impossible to sue them, they'd bankrupt you.

    Corrupt and unethical are most in this state.
    Note my ID.

  • Tax Man Jul 14, 2007

    If this were a private employer and they did not pay their employees on payday, the NC Labor Dept Wage and Hour folks would be right on the employer and there would be large fines and could even end up closing the business. The state should at least make a modest accommodation - say ten percent of the check - as an apology for the delay. Or, maybe these teachers need to file a formal complaint with the State Labor Department.

  • parr4246 Jul 14, 2007

    Teachers don't get paid enough for the job they do (the good teachers anyway) and then they have to wait for their paychecks......! Wonder why we are short of teachers? Stuff like this ends up in the news and then they wonder why anyone would want to work for them ! Come on over here and work, for free.....!! Or for late paychecks.......

  • educgrad Jul 14, 2007

    I work in wake county schools and believe me I've had several problems with paychecks over the past few years,not being paid for 8 day period, another time it was $500 There are only about 5 ,yes FIVE employees doing ALL of wake county payroll. So these 5 are worked to death, seems the county won't hire any one else

  • weasleyes Jul 13, 2007

    Steve, you are 100% right again. I will bet you that no one in the Central Office has ever missed a payday. I am a former two-term PTA President. They need to fire 75% of the bureaucrats and put the money in the classroom. We need 10-15 people there at the maximum.

  • faith trust and pixie dust Jul 13, 2007

    And they wonder what is wrong with our children...How much work effort would YOU put in if you weren't getting paid...OH..and I bet the moron that made the mistake was paid on time...

  • Nancy Jul 13, 2007

    This is typical. There was more than one occassion where support staff didn't get their checks on time, you had a choice. Wait or go down to the main office and have them write you a check.

    People who had automatic deposit had checks bouncing all over the place.

    This was back in late 90's - seems noone can run the school system, different year, different idiots.

  • yeahright1 Jul 13, 2007

    It seems Raleigh is constantly in the news about their schools. If it isn't teachers getting paid, it's reassignment or a child predator. Is it time for new leadership within wake county school system?

  • ghimmy47 Jul 13, 2007

    Fired? When a state employee went on vacation with everyone's check in the trunk of his car HE wasn't fired. It seems to be perfectly ok to inconvenience everybody if you're in the right good ol boy network.