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Environmental study gives proposed poultry plant all clear in Nash County

Posted March 16, 2011
Updated March 17, 2011

— Sanderson Farms has addressed all the environmental concerns for a proposed chicken plant in Nash County, an environmental study released Wednesday said.

The company has expressed interest in building a plant on 150 acres of land near the intersection of N.C. Highway 97 and Interstate 195 in Nash County that would bring an estimated 1,000 jobs to the struggling area.

The proposal has drawn concerns from residents in Nash and Wilson counties, as well as the city of Wilson, about how the plant would affect property values and the environment.

The study, which conducted by experts commissioned by Nash County, said the plant would have no long-term negative results on the site.

New NC Jobs, a nonprofit group which supports the proposed plant, presented the study during a press conference on Wednesday. 

The study drew criticism from Wilson officials. 

“If the study was produced by the same new jobs group that is using paid actors in political attack ads and sending out political mailers, then I believe we would have to be suspicious about what they say," Wilson Mayor Bruce Rose said. 

Wilson City Manager Grant Goings, who admitted to not having seen the study, remains critical of the project. 

"If the study suggests that spreading hundreds of millions of pounds per year of chicken manure on the ground will have no harmful impacts, then I’m not sure how they are going to reconcile their study with the findings of the international science community, or just the laws of common sense, for that matter," he said.


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  • the river rat Mar 18, 2011

    We'll soon find out how a judge feels about their "trump card".

  • bowhunterjunkie Mar 17, 2011

    That is all both sides want, but because some of the people that live over that way think they are WAY better then everyone else, you have all the fall out. And yes I do know some involved VERY well and I know they have not done all things legal fighting it. In fact some have broken the law themselves!! That is what makes it so disgusting, they are trying to blame everything on Sanderson, while they are breaking the law in what they are doing fighting against it. And yes I do know this to be a fact and the ones who are supporting it are just holding some things for a trump card!!

  • the river rat Mar 17, 2011

    I'm not asking them to do anything more than obey the law and tell the truth.

  • bowhunterjunkie Mar 17, 2011

    naturegirl--you just described what everyone done who lives out there. I wonder what environmental damage has been done because of all the development around the river and reservoir.

    To river rat--But all on your side acts like the other side is not suppose to say or do anything to help them, and think yall are special and yall live on holy land.

  • wideNCawake Mar 17, 2011

    not everyone is still eating birds

  • the river rat Mar 17, 2011

    "No difference, just this came from the other side."

    Exactly. Which is why I said:

    "When an independant environmental impact study is done, then and only then will there will be something to talk about on this subject."

  • naturegirl Mar 17, 2011

    Hmmm, no impacts? So, they're not cutting down any trees? Not grading any of the landscape? completely keeping all stormwater from flowing off the site? not putting any pavement on the ground or building any buildings (e.g. no additional impervious surfaces)? so what's the point of the project?

  • bowhunterjunkie Mar 17, 2011

    To the river rat--Who cares if they had a specific agenda--don't all of you who have the no chicken plant signs in your yard have a specific agenda trying to stop the plant. No difference, just this came from the other side.

  • bowhunterjunkie Mar 17, 2011

    I live in Wilson Co. and live just about 2 miles from the Nash/Wilson Co line. I am sick and tired of all this. If this was at the Edgecombe/Wilson, the Pitt/Wilson, Wayne/Wilson, or the Greene/Wilson NO ONE would be complaining. I wonder how many with the no chicken plant signs in their yard have quit EATING chicken. If they have not, they are just two faced hypocrites!!!!!!

  • wa4dou Mar 17, 2011

    Who authored the study? Who paid for it? Where is a copy of it available to review? Who stood to gain from the results of the study and does this cast doubt on the legitimacy of the study? Why can't we find any objectivity in the midst of this controversy? Who will pay for the, in some cases, substantial loss that some homeowners will suffer on their property values?
    Does any Nash County Commissioner even care or is the "supposed" value of the benefit to the local economy of such importance that every other consideration is of no consequence?