'Idol' finalist has Puerto Rican roots

Posted May 24, 2011

— “American Idol” finalist Scotty McCreery might be from Garner and sing country music, but he’s made no secret of his Puerto Rican roots. He even said in one episode that he has “a little bit of J-Lo in me.”

"When I heard him sing at Clayton Idol, he sounded like Johnny Cash with that deep, deep voice," his grandfather, Bill McCreery, said Monday from his home in Aberdeen. 

Bill McCreery, an airman, met his wife Paquita, in her native Puerto Rico. It was a blind date that turned into 54 years of marriage. 

"He said to me, 'You won't believe this, but I'm going to marry you.' I said, 'You must be drunk or you must be crazy,'" Paquita recalled. 

The couple said their secrets are commitment, happiness and laughter. 

"I have never met anyone in my 79 years with a marriage like ours," Paquita McCreery said. 

'Idol' finalist proud of Puerto Rican roots 'Idol' finalist proud of Puerto Rican roots

Their grandson's new-found success has had an impact on their social lives. They said friends that they haven't spoken to in years have tracked them down. 

"Neighbors we haven't seen in years – 43 years – and they found us through Scotty," Bill McCreery said. 

The couple said they plan to watch Tuesday and Wednesday's "American Idol" episodes from their home. 

In 1987, Bill and Paquita McCreery moved to Moore County from New Hampshire, where he was stationed in the Air Force. 


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  • OpinionatedMama May 25, 2011

    Why is this news!??????!?!?!?!??!?!?!

  • h3ardita11b4 May 24, 2011

    from the many posts, it looks like a lot of people were left behind. MY vote is for literacy! Puerto Rico is NOT a state, it's a TERRITORY of the United States; I think it's safe to assume that Puerto Ricans ARE 100% Americans. isn't that taught in grade school?

  • h3ardita11b4 May 24, 2011

    oh jeez louise, moderators! i hate that wral is allowed to change the constitution! so apparently freedom of speech is non-existent....for some people. you seriously approved all those hate filled messages and the ONLY thing i said was...first off - what does "illeagaly" mean?

    MY vote is for literacy!

    Puerto Rico is NOT a state, it's a TERRITORY of the United States; I think it's safe to assume that Puerto Ricans ARE 100% Americans.

  • bulldoggg03 May 24, 2011

    WHO REALLY CARES. Why does anyone care. WRAL is really trying to come up with some stories huh?

  • shortcake53 May 24, 2011

    Those complaining about AI, doesnt your tv have any other stations? Is someone sitting there with a gun to your head, forcing you to watch this show? Are those same people sitting with you at your comp and forcing you to read stories about AI and them comment on them? I bet if you try real hard you could think of something else to see and do. Give it a shot.

  • MudLife May 24, 2011

    Oh and it wouldn't surprise me if Lauren and Scotty started dating. I'm just saying from the one night of 15 minutes of it i've seen she was all over him. He's just the new Bieber.

  • sweetrose May 24, 2011

    so you think you can dance with the return of Mary and her hot tamale train ... woooooo whooooo!

    my idol void filler! Plus there are some amazing dancers on that show!

    and for the LAST time today ... YES it is NEWS! suc it up buttercup!

  • mesunrise May 24, 2011

    "This is NC and you can expect such ignorance from people simply based off of their heritage"......are you kidding me. What boat did you get off of? Lived in NC all my life and will match "my people" against any you can put before me. Be careful when you say things like that...we like to request people to leave the area on the same road they came in on. Too many transplants already!!! Good luck Scotty and all of these people from and native to NC are behind you 100%. Win or lose you are a winner to us... you make us proud!

  • Blueboxinggloves May 24, 2011

    Scotty McCreery has Puerto Rican roots? WHY is this news? Is it a REALLY slow news day? I for one will be SO glad when this seasons A.I. is over! Oh, but then we have "So you think you can dance" waiting in the wings. Ugh.

  • hfweather May 24, 2011

    he is going to lose now because of that.go lauren