'Scotty Fever' hits Garner

Posted May 11, 2011

— "Scotty Fever" is sweeping Garner as Scotty McCreery, the homegrown country crooner, inches closer to the finals of "American Idol," with a hometown celebration at stake.

McCreery will sing as part of the top four finalists on "American Idol" on WRAZ Fox 50 Wednesday night. If he survives the vote, he'll be back in Garner Saturday for a concert and parade.

"He's the best. He's going to go all the way," said Stephanie Hall, who was at Nouveau Hair Salon in Garner Wednesday.

Salon owner Brenda Rogers said she has cut McCreery's hair since he was a young child.

"When I cut Scotty's hair, his ears were so big. He finally grew into his ears," she said.

Rogers is selling T-shirts of McCreery, with the proceeds going to some of his favorite activities, like Garner High School baseball.

Garner's got Scotty fever Garner's got Scotty fever

Scotty Fever has also hit the Lowes Food store, where McCreery used to work as a cashier.

"It's crazy right now at the store," store manager Terry Mascaro said.

At his last shift in February, McCreery was already a big name. The line for checkout lane 3, where he was working, stretched all the way to the back of the store, Mascaro recalled.

"When the customers realized who he was, nobody wanted to go in anyone else's lane," Mascaro said.

The stores is now filled with a life-sized cardboard cutout of McCreery and signs and posters urging, "Vote for Scotty."

If enough "American Idol" viewers do vote for him Wednesday, McCreery will return on Saturday. Accompanied by a show camera crew, he'll be the star of a parade and concert in Lake Benson Park, expected to draw up to 30,000 people.

"We're going to all be cheering for Scotty. He's going all the way," Hall declared.


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  • way2busy May 17, 2011

    @ Cary PD is a Joke . . . you sound just like the real Cary PD. Wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up and gotcha'. Again, just another jealous person and if the signs and hoopla are bothering you....MOVE

    @ 5 Dollar Gas Is Your Fault... Catch up with Cary PD is a Joke and maybe you can split the cost when you by pass the signs and hoopla going on for a truly all american boy...At least he had the fortitude to try...

  • way2busy May 17, 2011

    @Bonnnie ..... what's the deal with you? Did you audition and get cut....very bad sport if that is the case, but don't blast kids who did make the cut and will probably have a great career, unlike you.

  • bonnnie May 12, 2011


  • bonnnie May 12, 2011

    I hope he loses All the Idols are LOSERS. They cant sing live. Canceling the show would be awesome!

  • gpcatgirl May 12, 2011

    Go Scotty good luck to you.

  • calicocatt May 12, 2011

    If he does not make it to the bottom two it is because it is fixed and americal idol had the phone so you counld not get though. I tryied from 9:30 to 11:05 and I know they had it fix so he could not get votes -- shirleystrickland

    REALLY????? Lets consider that he lives in Garner and how the phone system works. We all have individual lines that all feed into 1 bigger switch/trunk line. Most of the time we are not all using the phone at the same time but in times like this, we are all trying to go out on that 1 bigger/trunk line at the same time. It is not large enough to let us all through. It happens. But to think they are rigging it is a bit far fetched. Just my $0.02 worth.

    DISCLAIMER: For all those that work in telecommunications, my line --> switch/trunk 'picture' info is more complex in actuality than I stated. I just wanted to k.i.s.s. Thanks.

  • smurph92703 May 12, 2011

    I think the residents of NC should be proud that such a mix of awesome talent has been represented on IDOL by our state! What other state can make that claim? What's important here is the talent and representation! This competition brings notice and tourist dollars to our state and boost the economy in a roundabout way. I'm proud to call NC home and proud to acknowledge ALL the IDOL competitors, past present & future, from our state!

  • ladyofthehouse May 12, 2011

    I am so proud of Scotty. I love to see young people take a stand for what they believe in. He is very talented and I love to hear him sing. I know he will be a success at whatever he does. I think he should win American Idol but he will do well either way. You don't hear much about well mannered, decent kids in the news, so I'm glad Scotty is in the spotlight. Go Scotty!

  • 3forme May 12, 2011

    If some of you folks are big AI and Scotty haters why even waste your precious time on this story...And if you don't like all the signs around just don't come to visit..

  • me2you May 12, 2011

    "I will never understand why people comment on a blog by saying they're not a fan..............then stay off the blog........go find some tragic situation to comment on"...

    blogs are for anybody...not just fans. I am a fan. But Goloers are notorious for negative people.