Scrooge actor to miss annual 'Christmas Carol' production

Posted November 4, 2010

— Actor Ira David Wood III, who has become synonymous in the Triangle with his portrayal of Scrooge in an annual production of "A Christmas Carol," said Thursday that he will miss this year's show for health reasons.

Wood said he is scheduled to undergo surgery at WakeMed next week to replace a defective heart valve. A routine exam Thursday morning revealed the problem, he said.

"My doctor said, 'This is serious, and I'm scheduling surgery right away,'" Wood said.

Wood has turned "A Christmas Carol" into a holiday tradition in the Triangle. He has directed the stage play and played the role of Scrooge for 35 years.

His son, Ira David Wood IV, will fill in for his father as Scrooge. The younger Wood and his sister, actress Evan Rachel Wood, will co-direct the production.

"Ira has been at my side for years," his father said. "He knows this production inside and out and will do a remarkable job."

The elder Wood predicted audiences would enjoy the show, even without the original Scrooge.

"This way, they don't have to wait until I no longer need make-up to play the role of Scrooge to see Ira take the reins," he said. "He will be spectacular."

"A Christmas Carol" will be performed Dec. 3-5 at he Durham Performing Arts Center and Dec. 8-15 at the Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts in Raleigh.


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  • jhrichardson1 Nov 5, 2010

    My mama always said that "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." ACC has touched the "hearts" and transformed many for over 30 years. I will leave it at that Tom Servo.

  • kpannesi Nov 5, 2010

    I am very saddened that David is not able to play Scrooge this year. My son (he's 15) is in the production this year for the first time and I've had the absolute pleasure of watching rehearsals. David is kind, considerate, passionate and hysterically funny. It has been an outstanding experience to be part of this production for both my son and myself this year. I cannot wait to see the final version for the first time. I must give kudos to Ira for stepping in on his father's behalf, he did an amazing job last night at rehearsal (it is simiply uncanny how much he sounds like David). This year's production is sure to be outstanding although David will be missed on stage.

  • The Fox Nov 5, 2010

    (I couldn't care less if you disagree) Then quit posting already.

    Great reference Quigley.

  • kcameron12 Nov 4, 2010

    Sorry to hear Ira isn't going to be there this year, and I wish him a speedy recovery....I have been a fan of ACC for years, back when his son was Tiny Tim...always great for laughs and tears..

  • anne53ozzy Nov 4, 2010

    JAT: be ashamed of yourself. I for one would pay you not to sit next to me at the production.

  • worldtvlr7 Nov 4, 2010

    We've enjoyed his interpretation of this classic tale over the years, and wish him all the best with a quick recovery. We've got our tickets for this year, and will hope for the best! ;)

  • Tom Servo Nov 4, 2010

    @Psuedonym: Point taken, but I'm not so much defensive of my position (I couldn't care less if you disagree) as I am appalled by the manner in which this community responds to an opinion with personal attacks and condescension. I see that I'm making no progress, though, so yes, I should probably just shut up...

  • Tom Servo Nov 4, 2010

    @courtneycox: I wasn't going to respond further, but I saw your post and wanted to thank you for expressing the sentiment in a civil manner.

    To answer your question, this was a news article pertaining to both the actor and the play. Several people responded, some offering well wishes to the actor and others indicating how much they love the play. I offered a dissenting opinion of the quality of the play (indicating in my original response that I assume Mr. Wood to be a nice guy).

    I would further assume that Mr. Wood and his family are well acquainted with the occupational hazard of a bad review and know enough not to take it personally. I would also hope that they have a personal support network and would not have to rely on a WRAL messageboard for encouragement... ;c)

    That said, I stand by my assessment, but apologize if you were offended by the timing, and I do wish Mr. Wood good health.

  • Pseudonym Nov 4, 2010

    Tom Servo,

    Let me give you some advice about GOLO: Every time you respond to someone who disagrees with you, you come off as defensive and you only add fuel to the fire. Just ignore us and agree to disagree.

  • Pseudonym Nov 4, 2010

    BTW, isn't it ironic that the actor playing Scrooge can't play Scrooge this year because of heart trouble?