N.C. Symphony leader to step down

Posted September 2, 2010
Updated September 7, 2010

— David Chambless Worters, president and CEO of the North Carolina Symphony, is leaving to take a similar job with the Van Cliburn Foundation based in Fort Worth, Texas, the symphony announced Thursday.

Worters's resignation is effective Nov. 15. He has been with the N.C. Symphony since 1999.

Worters was recruited to the Cliburn after an international search and succeeds Richard Rodzinski, who retired in September 2009. 


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  • mpheels Sep 3, 2010

    Psuedonym, you think social workers are overpaid? Clearly you haven't known many social workers... It's a profession right up there with teaching in terms of very little pay given what they have to put up with.

  • nuncvendetta Sep 2, 2010

    "is leaving to take a SIMILAR [emphasis added] job with the Van Cliburn Foundation"

    Going to the Van Cliburn Foundation sounds like a far superior position.

  • Pseudonym Sep 2, 2010

    Quote from Mugu: "Why do we even have a symphony? These people are way overpaid and do not do anything constructive. Disband it."

    I can think of a few other categories of people who are way overpaid and don't do anything constructive: Pro football players, middle managers, CEOs, social workers, NASCAR drivers, etc. Should we fet rid of their jobs too?

  • kewlmom Sep 2, 2010

    I also loved the symphony as a child, and I take my sons to their performances. This has taught my children to appreciate all types of music. They listen to everything from Rock, Metal, Country to Classical. Any exposure to the Arts we can give kids needs to be continued.

  • tarheelskier Sep 2, 2010

    lauraraleigh-- I am pretty sure you were the only kid around here to actually like the symphony. I hated it and so did everybody else. Our symphony is a second class joke...

  • Bill of Rights Sep 2, 2010

    Over 75% of the symphony's funding comes from ticket sales, private contributions, grants, endowments, etc. I have no problem with a small amount of my tax dollars going to support the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources (and to have some of that money fund the symphony). Culture is an important part of the state.

  • lauraleigh Sep 2, 2010

    No - the NCSO is a wonderful organization which brings culture to this entire state, through the marvelous music they perform. That, in turn, teaches excellence over mediocrity, and a sense of beauty over what is currently popular. They do a wonderful service to the State, and particularly to our school children, for whom they perform throughout the school year. I loved their concerts when I was a child, I love them now. Their influence needs to be expanded, not curtailed!

  • cyclonearmageddon Sep 2, 2010

    "Why do we even have a symphony? These people are way overpaid and do not do anything constructive. Disband it."

    Absolutely. Just another fat-cat friend of the governor's probably.

  • Mugu Sep 2, 2010

    Why do we even have a symphony? These people are way overpaid and do not do anything constructive. Disband it.

  • lauraleigh Sep 2, 2010

    Is this the guy who has done so much to erode the Symphony's good relationships with other regional organizations, during his tenure? If so, it's a good thing he's on his way out. I hope they get someone to replace him who appreciates the warm bonds of affection and civic commitment that other area arts organizations share with the NCSO.