No joke? Epic Games to unveil next title on 'Late Night'

Posted April 1, 2010

— Epic Games’ creative genius Cliff Bleszinki – better known in the videogame business as Cliffy B – is going to announce the Cary company’s next title on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” next week.

So wrote Fallon in a “tweet” on Twitter last night. Whether this is the final confirmation Epic is preparing “Gears of War 3” remains to be seen. Fallon tweeted no more details.

Apparently, this is not a joke. The videogame Web site IGN reported that an Epic representative confirmed Cliffy B’s appearance.

Plus, Cliffy B has used Twitter himself to drop hints about upcoming Epic news.

If true (another Web blog in Australia reported today that Cliffy B and Epic were working on a "Sesame Street" title), the Epic news will add to the buzz surrounding the Triangle Game Conference, which is set for next week in Raleigh.

Here’s Jimmy’s full tweet:

“Game designer Cliff Bleszinski (@therealcliffyb) debuts his new game on Late Night next Thur. Set your TiVos! And your Xboxes.”

Late Night airs at 12:35 a.m., and Fallon says tune in on April 8.

The Edge reported last month that Epic would unveil the first video trailer of Gears 3 on April 8. That turns out to be the same day as Cliffy B’s appearance on Late Night.

The Gears franchise has produced two multi-million copy sellers, plus books, comics, toys, action figures and much more. A movie, too, is planned.


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  • EasyU Apr 1, 2010

    I thought he had dropped the "Cliffy B" moniker. Seems to be about as appealing as "McG" (i.e., not appealing at all). The conference news is great! We need more stuff like that in the Triangle.

  • spoonman Apr 1, 2010

    is this that one game where you blow stuff up?

  • kiediss Apr 1, 2010

    This is great news, plus the advertisement of the upcoming gaming conference is GREAT news for the triangle; quit splitting hairs about the genius thing and start focusing on the fact that this is at least one local co. that is employing many locally, as well as, bringing business to the triangle.

  • sintax Apr 1, 2010

    "What exactly makes someone who creates a video game...a genius?"

    The first few times you make something that your peers think is amazing, they might refer to you as gifted. When you approach a dozen or so, I guess people start calling you a genius. Seems reasonable enough to me.

  • awr117 Apr 1, 2010

    "What exactly makes someone who creates a video game...a genius?"

    Creativity and originality that turns into success and cause other gaming developers to take notice.

  • jackieflash42 Apr 1, 2010

    What exactly makes someone who creates a video game...a genius? Seriously, I really don't know but am asking for someone to educate me on this.

  • awr117 Apr 1, 2010

    Anyone know if the gaming conference is open to the public? Or is it for gaming developers only?

  • LuvLivingInCary Apr 1, 2010

    late night with who....

  • Builder Apr 1, 2010

    Bring it on.