Locals celebrate Jackson's life

Posted July 7, 2009

— Several hundred people turned out to honor the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson on Tuesday at the downtown Raleigh Convention Center.

Event organizers had 5,000 seats available, but saw a significantly smaller amount of $5 tickets sold.

The 400 people in attendance expected to see an event honoring the Jackson, but a few were disappointed when not all of the local artists focused on Jackson.

"They need a place to be creative, but right now let's stay on point. Out hearts are bleeding. We miss, Michael," fan JoAnne Norvell said.

Raleigh event celebrates Jackson's life Raleigh event celebrates Jackson's life

The event was held to coincide with a public memorial for Jackson at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles.

"I grew up with him," fan Thersa Weems said.

At the beginning of the program, local clergy offered prayers for Jackson and the Martin Luther King All-Children's Choir performed. Local singer Tamika Sheids sang a medley of Jackson's hits.

But as the event progressed, some local artists played their own music. Some dismayed fans soon left early.

"It's OK that they're showing off their own music...but everyone came to see Michael Jackson. It started off great, but at the end it was more about other groups," said fan Ellen Fosse, who grew up in Norway listening to Jackson's music. She now lives in Raleigh.

An electronic simulcast of Jackson's public memorial service from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calif., was aired on large screens.


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  • streetfightinman Jul 8, 2009

    You people get a life,enough already.

  • beachboater Jul 8, 2009

    The sad thing about the Raleigh "event" is that it was probably somebody trying to make a buck on Michael Jackson's death. I would guess that it was all private with no government envolvement. I have no clue what the rent is on the civic center, but I doubt 400 people covered it.

    As far as memorializing Michael Jackson, I think he was a talented musician, but I also believe he was an unconvicted pedophile that bought his way out of a guilty verdict.

  • 1WakeCitizen Jul 7, 2009

    I'm with you ANDERSON CREEK BOY. I'm sick of all the coverage. Get on to real news - like what our soldiers are doing for our protection.
    this is no longer news worthy. MOVE ON

  • 1WakeCitizen Jul 7, 2009

    You said it Speedy, us taxpayers will have to pay for the cleanup of this facility after this mess. $5 admission won't cover that. And for those who are moaning about other bands playing their own music instead of MJ's - what do you expect to get for $5. LAUGHING OUT LOUD!

  • jagjoe31 Jul 7, 2009

    Exactly JobChick,

    Another person who want to find something trivial to rant about.

  • jobchick2004 Jul 7, 2009


    You didn't pay for it, so what's the problem.

  • jagjoe31 Jul 7, 2009

    It does so don't worry about it...

  • AC Man Jul 7, 2009

    Just sick of it ALL.

  • speedy Jul 7, 2009

    I sincerely hope the admission covers every last dollar of public expense for this private citizen.