Fair opens under cloudy skies

Posted October 17, 2008

— The national anthem and a prayer signaled the official opening of the N.C. State Fair Friday.

The opening ceremony took place after a "preview day" Thursday saw eager fairgoers riding and snacking Thursday night. The added day lengthens the fair's run to 10 days.

N.C. Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler acknowledged the wet weather Friday and emphasized the indoor activities available at the fair saying, "This is not a lost day."

Fairgoers can enjoy educational, livestock and horticulture exhibits, in addition to the fair standard rides, games and food.

Troxler mentioned the fair's roots as an agricultural exhibition. "The fair is a proper celebration of a leading industry in North Carolina," he said.

"The state fair is more important than it's ever been because we have more and more citizens in North Carolina who don't know anything about farms and farming," the commissioner said.

Troxler ended his remarks by inviting families to enjoy the fair together. He said he was particularly excited to share the fair with his granddaughter, who is 2. "I can't wait to see that enjoyment in her eyes," he said.

Miss North Carolina, Amanda Watson, sang "God Bless America" and joined Troxler and other officials in cutting the ribbon to officially open the fair.


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  • rebekah816 Oct 17, 2008

    I quit going years ago, when it would take you 20 minutes to move 20 feet. Just not worth the money or the hassle.

  • seeingthru Oct 17, 2008

    too expensive, too much fattening food won't be going hard to park too

  • stupiditydeservesnosympathy Oct 17, 2008

    The numbers must not be good- WRAL usually post those

  • miketroll3572 Oct 17, 2008

    Not going to take the kids either.......way to expensive.

  • Tin Nutt Oct 17, 2008

    The state fair has gotten so expensive and is so crowded on good weather days that we no longer go. A $7 ticket buys you the privilege to burn another $100-200 on food and rides. Not for me, though there seems to be no shortage of people willing to pay up.

  • KermitDFrog Oct 17, 2008

    The fireworks on the opening night were great!

  • gopack54 Oct 17, 2008

    Be glad when it's over. News media always beats it to death. NC State even went to the effort to try and schedule a game when it would not intefere with the fair schedule. So what did the fair do - came up with a new way to break the attendance record - just keep adding days. Why not go ahead and have it for a month, then you could set an attendance record for the entire country!

  • rebekah816 Oct 17, 2008 always rains during the fair...where the heck are these people from??? I don't think I remember a single year that a couple of days weren't wet!!!

  • Stormy13 Oct 17, 2008

    Whoever wrote this news story needs a lesson in math! The State Fair has been being here 10 days for over 10 years, this year will be 10 and 1/2 days seeing as it didn't "officially" open until 3 P.M.