Wilmington Native Places in Top 3 of 'Survivor'

Posted May 13, 2007

For the first time in the history of the CBS show “Survivor”, three people had a shot at winning the $1 million prize, with a North Carolina native in the running.

Earl Cole, 35, of Southern California took home the title of Survivor. Dre "Dreamz" Herd, 25, of Wilmington made it to the final three, along with Cassandra Franklin of Los Angeles.

Herd did win the final individual immunity, but didn't give it to Yau-Man Chan as promised. The two had made a deal that if Herd won the immunity in the final four, he would give it to Chan in exchange for a new truck he won in a challenge.

Making the final three contestants was a dream-come-true for Herd

Just coming from the way my family grew up, this is more than words can explain,” he said.

Fans were cheering the cheerleading coach from home at a party at the Fox and Hound in Wilmington. But in the end, Herd burned too many bridges to become the ultimate Survivor.


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  • ctechic2004 May 15, 2007

    Also, once Dreamz had broken the bargain Yao was no longer under any obligation to let Dreamz keep the truck. Yao showed allot of class by letting Dreamz keep the truck anyway.

    The deal was to for Dreamz to give up immunity to Yauman if he won, and regardless if Dreamz went back on his word, Youman could not take the truck back. Everybody thinks that Dreamz was wrong, but Earl had an alliance with Yow Man, so why did he vote him off? Dreamz did what he should have done. He played the game and got a truck. Yaw Man was stupid to offer the truck....this is a game and the motto is "Outplay, Outwit, and Outlast".

  • 45ACP May 14, 2007

    I figure he will not be able to pay the taxes, insurance, gas, registration, and maintenance on this $60,000 truck. He will have to sell it and then blow that money. He will be left with nothing a few months from now.

  • FiveOclocksomewhere May 14, 2007

    Yau-man should have won but the next best man did...Congrat's Earl.

  • TMWSIY May 14, 2007

    What I wanted to know is why not give Yao the necklace and just vote out cassandra. Fight it out like men and may the best man win. Earl was just as sneeky as dreamz, but with more tact. Earl should be thanking dreamz for 1 million. I wasn't shocked when dreams kept the immunity...he had no real plan and betrayed everyone...especially himself.

    Wow and Boo really ripped into him at the end!!

    Who gets the $100,000 for second place???

  • likeisaid May 14, 2007

    LOL Uncle Paul

  • roe May 14, 2007

    You people on here act as though you all have always kept your word. Wonder how many of you would have kept yours.... Oh I know all of you. Please if you are using television as a way of raising your kids then choose better shows for them.......Did Richard keep his word to pay taxes on the money he won from the show? Get a grip people.

  • I just care May 14, 2007

    What happened last night on the show, just goes to prove what kind of man Dreamz really is. Not much of one, but he is the one who has to live with it for the rest of his life. I'm so glad he did not get a single vote, that was the best part of all of it.

  • Uncle Paul May 14, 2007

    Calm down folks, you act like this is real or something. It is a TV show! You know like with a script, you know "when he says then you say?" Like Jerry Springer, when says "you aint my baby daddy!" You pick up the chair and hit her. Survivor is shot somewhere where women underarm hair does not grow.

  • Bluedevllll May 14, 2007

    Did anyone REALLY expect a guy named Dreamz to honor his word???

    Didn't Dreamz also shake on it? Wow! He is scum.

    On the reunion show Yau basically called Dreamz ignorant in a nice way.

    I wouldn't have been so nice.....Although, I wouldn't have given up the truck either.

  • claudnc May 14, 2007

    Oh please its survivor - they have been lying and cheating on this game from season number one - he did not do anything any different than anyone else on the show - please give it a break. Look Dude - ride your truck and be happy! Drive to the wheels fall off.