Tyler Perry cancels 'Madea' tour over ticketing scams

Posted September 17, 2012

— Tyler Perry announced Monday that the remainder of his "Madea Gets a Job" tour, including an Oct. 20 performance at Raleigh's PNC Arena, has been canceled.

"Unfortunately, due to circumstances that I can't control, we've had to cancel this leg of the (tour)," Perry said in a news release.

On his website, Perry said he was forced to cancel the tour because of bootleggers who inflate ticket prices by double or triple and "horrible people" who are impersonating him on Facebook, charging people $150 for a meet and greet after the performance.

"DON'T FALL FOR THIS!! That's not me," Perry writes on his website.

"Why are people so evil? Why can't people just get legitimate jobs and stop trying to do the wrong thing all the time?" he adds. "To all of you who have bought tickets and made plans to be there, I am so sorry."

Anyone who purchased tickets through Ticketmaster or the PNC Arena box office is eligible for a refund.


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  • Scubagirl Sep 19, 2012

    "Prayers going out to those who choose to scam instead of an honest day's pay."

    Sorry, they don't need prayers, they need JAIL!!

  • Just Once Sep 19, 2012

    It is sad that he had to cancel but he is a stand up guy regardless of his politics.

  • TeresaBee Sep 18, 2012

    He should do what CK Louie did, buy the tickets himself then sell them with no mark up. It worked for CK.

  • michaelclay Sep 18, 2012

    BubbaDukeforPresident, you were doing well until you mentioned his wrong politics. I may not agree with a person politically but that dosen't mean I'm wrong or they're wrong, we just disagree.

  • dwntwnboy Sep 18, 2012

    "it is a crime in NC to sell a ticket for more than its value"- and it's a "law" that is NEVER enforced. In fact, they do it right in front of a concert venue, sports stadium etc. The only time I've seen the police even get involved is when they were RIGHT in front of the ticket booth. They just told them they had to be X amount of feet away. Maybe that law has changed?

  • claudnc Sep 18, 2012

    doggypoos.. one thing Tyler Perry has to never worry about is selling out any arena for one of his plays.. Many church groups and social organization will purchase 25-50 tickets each. From day one, Mr. Perry announced his shows would remain affordable and happy to see he is sticking to his word. He made the public aware via his website, social media and radio of this situation. I

  • BubbaDukeforPresident Sep 18, 2012

    Tyler Perry has consistently spoken out about pirates and scammers. He's rich, but he acknowledges that the people who build the sets, drive the tractor trailers, film his movies are being ripped off when people bootleg his movies rather than pay like a decent human being would. Tyler Perry is an example of how celebrities should be. His message has always been about taking responsibility for yourself and despite his wrong politics, I admire and respect him as a man of great character.

  • doggypoos Sep 18, 2012

    Actually it has low sales in this area. The ticket scalper issue should not be for it is a crime in NC to sell a ticket for more than its value. Why not just tell the truth?

  • Whatever Geez Sep 18, 2012

    must be nice to have so much money you cancel the remainder of hte tour,people will always try to scam....others need to buy tickets from the ticket provider only.

  • CharmedLife Sep 18, 2012

    Sorry to hear about this! Tyler Perry is such a genius and would have loved to have seen Madea!! Prayers going out to those who choose to scam instead of an honest day's pay.