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Choose New Year's Eve transportation with safety in mind

Posted December 28, 2011

A toast to ring in the New Year is a common enough tradition, and for revelers who choose to raise more than one glass, there are several options to avoid driving after drinking. Of course you could always call a cab or designate a driver, but options like Raleigh Rickshaw and Raleigh Zingo offer a creative choice. Both services are already taking reservations.

Raleigh Rickshaw offers pedal cab rides to accommodate two adults. The service is ideal for bar-hopping within downtown Raleigh, or from trips home to the five surrounding historic neighborhoods. The company expects to deploy 20 rickshaws on New Year's Eve and keep them running until 5 a.m. Rickshaw drivers work for tips – there is base price for a ride – and can be called for pick-up at 919-623-5555.

Zingo is a shuttle service to get you home in your own car and not leave you stranded the next day. A driver on a folding motorized scooter arrives on call, puts the scooter in the trunk, drives the customer home, then zips back to the company headquarters on the scooter. Rides have a base rate of $10, with an additional $3 per mile after two miles.

"On the way home, you just have to pay us to drive you in one direction. To use a cab or to leave your car at home, you have to take a cab twice," Zingo owner Joe Stallworth said.  

Reserve now for a safe ride on Saturday Reserve now for a safe ride on Saturday

On a normal night, Zingo drivers respond within 20 minutes. On New Year's Eve, an advance reservation for pick-up is preferred.

For Harry Jeanniton, owner of Green Taxi, New Year's Eve is the craziest of the year. 

"We'll be downtown in full force," he said. "All you have to do is call, we will be there to pick you up."

Jeanniton said he can't guarantee a scheduled ride home after the acorn drops downtown because business is in such high demand.



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  • ICTrue Dec 29, 2011

    Thank goodness for this article. I would have never thought to take a cab if I decide to drink. What a novel concept. If they thought of this earlier, think of all the lives that could have been saved over the years.

  • jmanarc Dec 29, 2011

    CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE RE-RUN THE STORY ABOUT AAA CAROLINAS "NOT" GIVING FREE RIDES ON NEW YEARS---POST IT ON YOUR FB PAGE TOO PLEASE!!! i keep seeing people putting it on facebook---and I really don't want them to be falsely advertising this information---i have been a AAA member for over 10 years and I really don't want them to get a bad reputation from wrong information--- thanks
    i have been trying to correct these people--but they don't believe me cause it's all over the internet and news they say.