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Posted June 11, 2012

With Father's Day on the horizon, you'll want to treat the men in your life to some quality beef, and the Triangle has steakhouses to spare.

You can't have a conversation about where to eat for a special celebration without mentioning the Angus Barn. The sprawling Raleigh landmark has defined fine dining for generations. The steaks are aged in-house so that chef's can assure they are ready right when you are. If dad likes to cook, you can get him the gift of a class with Chef Walter Royal.

Another uniquely Raleigh meal can be had at The Peddler. Choose your cut – thickness, marbling – from the flank brought to your table. The steaks are priced by the ounce but are well within reason for this level of service. They are cooked on the charcoal grill within sight to a crusty exterior and melt-in-your-mouth doneness. Every entree comes with a trip to the unlimited salad bar.


Hidden hard by Raleigh-Durham International Airport is Capital City Chophouse, an appropriately clubby atmosphere targeted to business travelers. Locals seek it out for professional servers who understand their product and allow diners time to enjoy it. The steaks are served exactly as described and the sides – sweet tea, garlic spinach and a salad too bountiful to be considered "house" – were a surprisingly delicious addition. 

At North Hills and Streets of Southpoint, Firebirds draws diners by the nose. The scent of beef over a wood-fired grill makes patio dining hard to resist. Inside, the decor is Rocky Mountain cabin, with high ceilings and the requisite sports on TV at the bar. Two generous steaks and bursting baked potatoes came in right at the $50 mark, making Firebirds a pretty thrifty option.

Outdoor dining is the way to go in Durham, too, at Metro 8, where the feeling of family pervades the Ninth Street space. The decor is simple and the service unpretentious. A year-round heated patio adds to the fun. The menu is made up of the classics – Caesar salad, filet mignon – plus the twist from Argentinean chef Francisco Pirillo.  

Of course, eating out can be expensive, especially when the celebration calls for a big hunk of beef. Cut the cost and let dad do the cooking on Father's Day with steaks that are restaurant quality from The Meat House with locations in Raleigh, Cary and Chapel Hill. Their pre-cut selection of steaks, marinated meat or poultry are ready to grill, and the butchers on staff can recommend cooking times and temperatures.


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  • junkmail5 Jun 18, 2012

    (minor edit- "blandest, least flavorful, steak I've ever had anywhere" is how that should read since thankfully I wasn't paying at AB :))

  • junkmail5 Jun 18, 2012

    Angus barn is not terrible because it's overpriced. It's terrible because the steaks are terrible. Blandest, least flavorful, steak I've ever paid for anywhere including cheap steak places. It's awful. I've been there 3 times, always on someone elses dime, and every time reinforced the idea I'd never pay to go there.

    The Chop house mentioned also mentioned in this story was... ok... overpriced for a small filet, but the steak was at least pretty good. Worlds better than Angus Barn but I can do as well or better grilling my own.

    Ruth's Chris on the other hand is the only place I've ever had a steak that was actually better than what I can make on my grill at home.... it's actually 1800 degrees they broil them at using a salamander, that's why you can't do it at home.

    Service was also a ton better at Ruth's Chris in the half dozen visits I've had... whereas the Angus Barn server seem to entirely lose interest in you if you're not buying alcohol (which was 2 of my 3 visits there)

  • heelbilly Jun 13, 2012

    The absolute best steak is at my house. Fast seared and cooked over oak and hickory coals. All it cost me is the meat and a little time...and a bag of Carolina Packers Brightleaf Hotdogs!!!

    My Man !!!
    my man !!!

  • jonnraleigh Jun 13, 2012

    Winston's Grille on Falls of Neuse

  • asn0307 Jun 13, 2012

    All of you saying that Angus Barn is over priced, have you taken a second to think about what is included in that price? The hors d'oeuvres aren't free you know. It's included in the price and there's also a little thing called overhead. The same goes with everywhere else.

  • ewcanes Jun 13, 2012

    Angus Barn is extremely overrated, but it has to be on here because of it's Landmark status. My fave is Sullivan's and I think the guy saying it was closed may have been thinking Simpson's which was a fantastic place

  • HadEnough Jun 13, 2012

    Angus Barn is the most over rated over priced restaurant in Raleigh.

  • jcd241959 Jun 13, 2012

    Ribeyes in Tarboro has a great steak. Beefmastor in Wilson use to rock. It aint the same since Roscoe left!!

  • callousedhands Jun 12, 2012

    TerraFin Station is the best by far. Located at 40 and 42 (exit 312. The steaks are better than Fleming's and the price is half as much. I prefer the Garlic Merlot Ribeye and my wife enjoys the filet with blue cheese. The owner (Nate) is the head chef and he orders the best cuts, and trims them before he cuts them so I don't have to at the table. The other owner (Ed) will make sure you enjoy your meal. Don't be surprised to see Nate's wife waiting on tables. Dinner usually cost under $60.00 with 2 glasses of wine and dessert.

  • cn38of50 Jun 12, 2012

    I'll take Outback over any this article mentioned any day of the week! Especially not the Angus Barn, ate their twice and ended up with food poisoning BOTH times. Not to mention it is WAY overpriced.