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Posted October 13, 2010

I'm back from a nice, long vacation.  I took my Grand Marquis (which I lovingly call "Big Iron") on its first road trip this weekend.  It has me thinking about cars this morning, so enjoy a couple of good car-related links.

Here's a collection of photos of some fascinating Japanese concept cars.  And here's a neat story from Alaska about a couple who built a vehicle that looks like a Radio Flyer.  Thanks to Linda in Fremont for sending it to me!


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  • 68_dodge_polara Oct 14, 2010

    Found where they got the design for the "smart" car: see Nissan Hypermini, 1997

  • 68_dodge_polara Oct 14, 2010

    Looks like Toyota really took a lot of ideas from the 53 corvette for the 57 Proto

  • 68_dodge_polara Oct 14, 2010

    Like the crown victoria the grand marquis is great family car. They are both roomy and cheap to maintain because they are much easier to work on than any other vehicle. These are the last full frame rear wheel drive cars made. Ford has already phased out the crown vic other than for fleet sales and the Grand Marque is going away when the Mercury name plate goes away. Both are victims of the CAFE standards which are pushing people, concerned about safety, in to SUVs and pickups.

  • hippiminerva Oct 14, 2010

    This blog title is a blatant rip-off of the real Car Talk, which has been on public radio since 1980 and I clicked on it b/c of the stolen name.

  • tompooley2 Oct 14, 2010

    welcome back brian. sure missed your reports. where in the world did you travel to? glad your back safely...tom pooley..lake gaston

  • bbad238 Oct 13, 2010

    Really, a Grand Marquis? Did you wanna blend in with the retirees or the police with that one?

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