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Tug of war

Posted October 12, 2009

Watch this video

I didn't know cats ate steak tartare.  Now, don't go feeding your cat raw meat.  Ask the vet first.


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  • 3stoogesfan Oct 12, 2009

    Yeah, the cat in the center was the smart one. He was eating while the others held it for him even though that wasn't their intention, I'm sure. Must be some hungry cats. My 3 cats will only eat catfood and I place their food in 3 different places so they have their own space. I kind of felt sorry for these fellas.

  • thefensk Oct 12, 2009

    Hah. That could be at my house right now. Goof-ball cats.

    I liked how the one spent most of the video eating through the center. Then after it left and came back the Orange/white one tried to get him away and lost his grip. The look on his face was priceless, a classic "that didn't come out quite the way I planned ..."

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