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Thieving baboons

Posted July 28, 2009

The baboons at a U.K. safari park have learned how to break into luggage boxes on car roofs.  Click here for pics and the video.


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  • thefensk Jul 28, 2009

    Just a quiet little vacation to the wildlife park. What a nightmare.

    If you camp in active bear country, you don't leave anything that smells like food in your car or tent. You aren't even supposed to sleep in the same clothes you cooked in. A bear will go right through your car window and a tent ... like tissue paper to a bear. I've done back country backpacking where we were warned to open all zippered pouches in our packs ... the critters that wanted into our packs couldn't open the zippers but then again, they didn't need to ... they'd just chew through the material. But they generally wouldn't if the pouch was open. Hiking in the grand canyon I woke up to some rustling and found a ring-tail cat hanging upside down on my pack, which itself was hanging 6 feet off the ground on a pack stand.

  • lorjoy Jul 28, 2009

    Monkeys in the game parks in East Africa will take food from tents, having learned about zippers. They will also go into open vehicle windows and take out food or whatever they find they might like. It makes for an amusing breakfast when you have to share with an uninvited guest.

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