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Remembering Apollo 11

Posted July 20, 2009

Forty years ago today, the world watched men land on the moon.  We have a couple of links about the Apollo 11 mission. 

First, a Boston Globe has a collection of 40 big photos from the mission.  We also have a link to a Wired magazine article about why the video of the moon landing looks so cruddy, and why you may never get to see the original, higher-quality footage.

Of course, if you think it was all a hoax, I have nothing to offer.


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  • living the dream Jul 20, 2009

    I'm very impressed with the photos.

  • thefensk Jul 20, 2009

    Yeah, that's pretty cool. Somewhere in a box I have dozens of pictures I took from the TV. They came out pretty good.

    Later, I bought packets of photos published by the Government Printing Office. Really good quality reproductions, 8x10s most of them. Back then they were really cheap.

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