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Can you keep it down?

Posted June 3, 2009

Wired magazine has a neat blog entry about one of the newer non-lethal weapons in circulation: The Long-Range Acoustic Device. 

You can use it to broadcast important information over long distances during emergencies.  But it also has a setting that produces a shrill whine that will drive away bad guys.  The military and law-enforcement officials are using it to deter the nefarious.  Cruise-ships also have them to turn away pirates.




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  • Huey Jun 3, 2009

    Sounded sort of like the giant ants in the movie THEM.

  • thefensk Jun 3, 2009

    Life imitates art once again.

    That sound is EXACTLY like the "weapon" they used in the 1957 scifi/horror movie "Beginning of the End" with Peter Graves.

    But instead of stopping the giant grasshoppers (yes! and they would eat anything!) they used the sound generators to attract them to Lake Michigan. Glad they've made the generators much smaller now.

    Life imitates art more than you might think. Ever heard of the TASER? Ever wonder what it stands for? The inventor patterned it after an idea from a favorite childhood book: Tom Swift and the Electric Rifle. T-A-S-E-R stands for Thomas A Swift Electric Rifle ... it's true!

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